Where can I get completed college assignments?

Is it possible to download from anywhere completed college assignments? Even for the money? I don't want to hear answers like: you should do it by your self, ask teacher for the help... So don't waist your time with answers like that.

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    Do it yourself. Don't take credit for other peoples hard work. You could be thrown out for plagarism. And I don't care if that's not what you want to hear.

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    This is what helps me: Get a day planner and be exact about it. Write when things are due, and then write in blocks of time when you'll work on each assignment. STICK TO IT! Set goals, particularly if you find yourself easily distracted. For example, think to yourself, "I can stop for dinner once I get to page 250" or "I can stop for a cigarette (or a soda, or a phone call, whatever would motivate you) after this assignment is done." Prioritize. If you have a quiz that may be dropped or for counts for very little of your grade on the same day as a major exam, prepare for the exam, then look over the material for the quiz. The idea behind trying to do a few homework assignments early is so that, on days when you just CAN'T do everything, you haven't fallen behind in yet another class. If you find yourself with some extra time on the weekend or on some evening, opt to get a little bit ahead wherever you can, and it will give you some wiggle-room when things really start getting difficult. I also find that when I do this, I have more peace of mind, and when I do buckle down to study, I'm not worrying about how behind I am on other classes. For next semester, consider scheduling your classes one right after the other. This isn't a solution for everyone, but for me, it helps to know that I have a BIG block of time after I get out of class at 11:00, instead of having classes and short bursts of free time spread throughout the day. If you continue to feel behind, look into a tutoring service, and be sure to communicate with your teachers. Many colleges have free tutoring on campus and it can be a Godsend, and teachers will generally work with you if you communicate with them early on instead of waiting until you're so far behind you can barely catch up. Good luck on the textbook situation. Hope I helped!

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    Andrius - it is spelled "waste". If you completed your own assignments without plagiarising them, you might learn something.

    What? No "best answer" marks for me? Oh no!

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    depends on what assignements your looking for-- I usually type in google "purchase collge essays" depending on what you looking for, range from 20-100 dollars-- hell, I'm an at hm mom taking online courses, you need help, email me

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    you really need to do it your self you will get no where in life you might as well just drop out of collage if that's the effort your gunna put in to it

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    I have tutorials for classes,but I intend to make students learn from these tutorials.

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    Best of luck

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