The Weimar Republic????????

I need to write a newspaper report on The Weimar Republic.

I need to cover these three points:

Why the Weimar Republic is being set up

How the new government is to be structured

How successfully will it be able to deal with Germany's problems?

Please answer all three, thanks : )

Best answer 10 points !!!!!!!!!!

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    The Weimar Republic was set up after the fall of the Kaiser because there was no other government at the time, and the countrey needed leadership, it was established in the city of Weimar. The birth of this government was at the defeat end of the First World War. After four long years of devastating warfare, the new government was left with the unhappy task and responsibility of peace negotiations. The Republic was forced to sign a treaty that placed the blame of the way solely on the shoulders of the distraught Germans. It was then the burdened government began its falter.

    The constitution of the Weimar Republic stated that the people would elect the President. The term of the presidency was set at 7 years. The President had a range of powers that need careful analysis when evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the constitution. These included: The President was the head of the armed forces; The President chose the Chancellor and had the legal right to dismiss him; It was the President who decided when to call elections, therefore allowing him to dismiss governments; Article 48 of the constitution allowed the President to rule independently of the Reichstag in the case of national emergency and; The President had the right to call referendums.

    The Weimar republic was practically doomed frim the start, the people were always going to blame them for the result of the treaty of versailles , hyperinflation etc...

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    the excellent melancholy brought about many Germans to seem for selection management and that they got here across it in the Nazis. additionally, there have been a minimum of thirty political events in Weimar Germany, which made it complicated for some to win a sturdy majority of votes in the time of election time. Many felt the gadget wasn't working and appeared in direction of a "stable" chief like Hitler to get Germany back on the "remarkable music" lower back.

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