Who is more overated this season?

Darren Sproles -Chargers havent had run support but somehow LT still got 1000 yds....how does he do that??..anyway sproles has been bad at rb but good at special teams this whole season, he has his 1 good game of the season against colts and now all im hearing is trade LT?????...what?????

Joe flacco - as a rookie,i think he is playing great, and i think he is having the second best rookie season ive seen (matt ryan is first) But i missed the ravens titans game sunday, came home, read that the ravens won, but flacco threw for about 150 yds had 1 td and was about 50 pct completion rate thats solid....for a rookie, but espn is making him sound like the new peyton manning???? ...and lets not forget that elite defense, they make it seem like if flacco wasnt on the ravens, they would have lost the game by 30 pts?????...is he a bit overatted...this season??

Eli Manning - before i start the bashing hes no tom, peyton, or drew, but with a big time receiver he can be MVP caliber, but he really got exposed this season after plaxico went down showing he needs a big receiver, a great o-line, an elite defense, and a dominant back just to be a little above average...yet their giving him a $100 mill. contract to not be top 10 in the league which will hurt the team alot if it happens....

Ben rothlesburger -He has been great in the 4th quarter and has had some great comback drives late in the game to get his team the wins...barely, but that being said, wasnt he the reason for the lack of offense in the first place in the first 3 quarters?? under throwing alot of passes throwing too many ints and standing in the pocket for hours isnt what the steelers paid 100 mill for?? what elite qbs do u know have worst stats than rookie qbs this season???? what? should flacco and ryan get $100 mill. too since they had better stats than rothlesburger did and didnt put the team in low scoring predicaments like rothlesburger doesin the first place in quarters 1 through 3????...but he is talked about as if he was worth the 100 mill contract....they need to take his contract and divide it with the defense...and mwelde moore!!!

Roy Williams- He was brought in to play second wr to Terrell but proved that he might not even be third or fourth best receiver on the team, yes u can blame that there was no chemistry with romo yet or he didnt know the plays but at the end of the day he dropped most of the passes thrown his way, I never saw him as an elite receiver yet, but i saw him as a close to elite recweiver ike a dwayne bowe or a wes welker, knowing what u know now, seeing him drop balls on dallas, do u feel they got the wrong lions receiver????????

.....just my top overated candidates, if u have ures....put that in instead of mine and why he is so overated.......this season....and no putting people who were out more than 3 games.....I.E willie parker, romo, Brady,shockey, larry johnson......well, maybe larry johnson, its hard to have a legiteamate argument against a person when they missed alot of games.


Winning a superbowl doesnt keep u out of overated status. especially when u have a 22 percent completion rating during that superbowl....are u kidding me???

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    Although each of the people you have mentioned most certainly were overrated this season, I think Eli takes the cake.... remember when people honestly were trying to say he was better than Peyton earlier this season (and it is no coincidence that he was playing cupcakes during that time either). Flacco is a rookie, and he's done very respectable for a guy who doesn't have a great offense around him, and many thought to not be NFL ready. Big Ben's played hurt, and he did make a ton of huge plays for the Steelers - his toughness has been outstanding... his decision making not so much, but I don't think people really expect all that much from him. Sproles played decently (not good enough to be better than LT, but very well still), and I do think he deserves a starting shot somewhere... but not in San Diego. Roy Williams got thrust into Dallas at an awful time - he'll do better next year, especially if Owens is gone.

    Anyway, Manning is far from being an elite QB. Yes, I realize he won a Super Bowl (by "he" I should clarify, that I mean the Giants team), and I also realize he just had the best season of his career..... However, I mostly realize that in his best year, he still was outperformed by about nearly 1/3 of the starting QB's in the league, and he played terrible down the stretch without Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress. Look at any of the top QB's in the league - McNabb always played well with no WR's. Same for Brady. Brees turned the Saints no-name receivers into credible threats, and the Elder Manning stepped up when surrounded by injures. Playing well when the team relies on you is what makes a QB great - doing things with the team that no other QB in the league can do is what makes you the best. Eli proved to be a marginal QB, and perform as a result of a good team rather than true talent.

    This season was EASILY Manning's best statistical year, and yet he wasn't even in the top 10 QB's in passing completions, yards, passer rating, completion percentage, and he just tied for 10th in TD's. In his first three years starting, he threw the 2nd most, 4th most, and led the league in interceptions thrown. He also was only marginally accurate - completing 55.9% of his passes in his career. For a guy who isn't running for first downs much, that's not good. 100+ million for him? You couldn't pay ME to have Philly take him. Of course, if the Giants would like to waste that much cap space on him.... I'll be all for it! Eli eat your heart out!

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    Eli. winning a Super Bowl based on one incredibly lucky win in Green Bay last year...then winning what ended up being on of the weakest Divisions in the league..this time, did nothing to convince me Eli is anything more average or below.

    Jim Baw quoted the stats, but, hell, I don't even need them to know that when a QB has that much time to set up, then throws a pick directly to a defenders hands is bad.

    Winning games with a low number of throws and a low number of completions tells me you have a great team, but it doesn't tell me you are a great QB.

    When Manning first came up, he had some many excuses it was unbelievable..then became the luckiest punk in the history of the game, but it was only a cover up...he's not that good..rode mostly on his brother and his Dad's rep...yes, I agree with you.

    Put Romo in the same boat..he wasn't even that good in college, so lucky to even get a starting job with Dallas...has never performed well under pressure, but gets undue credit for routine wins.

    Big Ben..no I can't see that....he's a winner since he came into the league....any guy that wins the respect of a veteran NFL squad as a rookie must have something special. This hasn't changed since he came into the league. And he mad a gutsy recovery from a serious accident and got ready to play a lot sooner than expected. This year is another extension of a great career in progress...nah, can't include him.

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    If anything, this season showed how good Brady is. With a better team (more good RBs, and a terrific new MLB in Mayo) the Pats went 11-5. They were 18-1 last year. Though there were other injuries, the biggest difference was Brady, and his ability to throw the long ball as well as the short pass. if Cassell had Brady's arm for the long pass, the Pats would have been in the playoffs for sure, and randy Moss would have probably led the league in TD passes again

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    Overrated this season: Without a written explanation.

    Some players had bad seasons due to injuries, but here goes:

    QB: Favre, Romo(in big spots)

    RB: Bush, Addai, Tomlinson(is not around when it counts),

    Julius Jones(disappeared), McFadden(what happened?), Graham,

    Gore(off season),

    WR: Santana Moss, Edwards(Cle), Chambers(San Diego), Holt,

    Coles(Jets), Roy Williams

    TE: Shockey

    ELI- Last drive Super Bowl Vs. NE. He is usually very good in the 4th Quarter in big games. He is a good QB. Won a Super Bowl.

    Take care.

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    Joe Flacco.

    44% playoff completion rate.

    60% season completion rate.

    14 TD's in 16 games.

    2971 yards.

    Stinky. Defense wins championships, and if Baltimore wins the Super Bowl, this proves it.

    I think the days of Roy Williams being overrated are over. I think everyone knows now that he is a no-talent putz, including boo-ya.

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    Joe Flacco, is he doing anything more than what Trent Dilfer did when he "lead" them to a Super Bowl?

    Not to complain about anything he did, he kept his cool and managed the offense enough to not make mistakes that cost him the game, but without that defense he is not even in the running as a great rookie season as they are not even a .500 football team.

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    I would have to say Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers defense bailed him out of the Colts, Chargers, Ravens, and Cowboys games.

    The Steelers were literally 5 plays away from being 7-9.

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    out of your list its Flacco, hes Trent Dilfer without the experience, just a game manager, he will probably make a mistake this weekend that costs his team a super bowl berth, but hes a rookie and thats expected.

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    It has to be Roy Williams. I had him for fantasy football. I finally dropped him after more than half of the season. He produced little points for my team. He is a bust. I hope he does something next season.

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    Roy Williams ,What did he do for Dallas?

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