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Where can I buy a mood ring in Australia?


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    I'm certainly not from "Australia", but I'll answer this question as best as I can. Do you have a large shopping-mall anywhere around, nearby where you live? "Claire's" is very well known for selling "Mood Rings" there. "Hot-Topic" sometimes sells "Mood Rings" & other types of "Mood Jewelry" (also at "The Mall").

    By any chance is there a "Wal-Mart" or even a "Walgreens" in "Australia"?. . They both quite often sell "Mood Rings".

    "Bible" (Religious) & "Hallmark" stores will often sell various types of "Mood Jewelry; Mood Rings, Mood Necklaces", etc. "Bible" stores are almost always found in smaller shopping-centers, while "Hallmark" stores are found in both large shopping-malls & smaller shopping-centers.

    "Gift, Mysticism & Novelty-Item" stores frequently have "Mood Rings" for sale. These are usually found in downtown areas & smaller shopping-centers.

    "Dollar, Drug & Gas-Station" shops/stores ocassionally have "Mood Rings" for sale. These stores are found here & there; in various places.

    Rarely will "Antique" stores, "Estate Sales" & maybe even "Yard-Sales" have "Mood Rings". It might be worth a look though as you could get lucky.

    Source(s): I am basing my information on my experience when shopping for "Mood Rings" in the "US". Still- I think things are not entirely different in "Australia". Anyway. . I hope this helps some.
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