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What do you think about a 1999 Honda Prelude?

How fast are they? what is the difference between the SH model and the other model?

what do you think of this one?

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    1st forget those negative answers

    The Prelude is the test car for Honda engineering.

    The first to have the VTEC appear on a Honda engine

    the first to have SH { SUPER HANDLING suspension system} that make cornering ability almost Corvette like on twisty mountain roads.

    the first to have {4 wheel Steering} that make parking much easier by turning of the rear wheels in the opposite direction of the front and at Highway speeds turning the rear wheels in the same direction as the front like when changing lanes for passing.

    PRELUDE is HONDA'S Technical Foundation that gives Honda lover the best that the new 2007-2008s have today.

    PRELUDE was the first to have the duel over head cam engine that made the ACURA GSR & TYPE R cars so popular. PRELUDE was the first engine to reach factory specs rating 200HP.

    PRELUDE is quite fast too you would not know it by riding at a 120MPH on the highway, its so refined you be looking at the speedo to check your speed & or passing other cars like nothing. But i would not put it up against a SS Camaro

    until i Modify the engine and suspension to build more power & handle better too. Get it if this is the one your looking at

    even it having close to a 100K miles Honda engines GO Go go.

    I like the 1998 - 2001 PRELUDE body style with a 5 speed

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    I have the 98 model (base - not SH) and im actually in 2 honda prelude clubs here in southern california. The 97-01 Prelude's are great cars. They perform really well when you want to have some fun, especially the SH, for its year it was praised for having better handling then ferrari's of the same year. SH = super handling, and it really shows. The only thing is that the SH ONLY comes in manual. There are no automatic SH models. If you find someone selling an automatic prelude saying its an SH, definitely not unless they (for some odd reason) decided to swap in an auto trans. That being said, if you CAN drive manual, get a SH model. Why? the auto's actually have transmission problems. I'm on my second trans, so are many members i know, some are on their 2nd or 3rd. Honda had a little design flaw with that 97-01 Prelude auto trans, you'll be fine if you don't bash on it all the time, but if you have a lead foot, go with the manual SH, much more reliable trans wise. The one you posted there isn't that bad actually. For still being under 100,000 around $8,000 isn't bad. but I'm sure you can get one for around $7,000 somewhere close to you. I do love my base model (Even with the auto trans problem) the performance is great, the car gets attention from people cause it looks really good too. The only reasons you shouldn't get the car is if you want to drive around more then 1 person all the time, because the back seat is pretty much non existant (even young kids complain). Overall i love mine though, trans problem or not, its a keeper. (and i have the trans under control - lighter driving and regular transmission service)

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    0-60mph in 7.2 seconds for both versions. Manual transmission.

    Automatic is about 8.0 seconds.

    1997-1998 models are not SH and have 195HP.

    1999-2001 are SH with 200HP.

    SH stands for Super handling where the newer Preludes handled a little better.

    That one on craigslist looks great. They are hard to find in good condition, but they are great cars. They last forever and have a great resale value.

    It competed with the Nissan 240sx, Mazda MX-6, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Toyota Celica at the time. But now all of these cars are no longer made except the Mitsubishi.

    The Honda Prelude was the best handling FWD 2 door car when it came out and it still is today.

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    Zach A. and KC your douche-bags american made is ****. always break down. but anyways to answer your question. Preludes are amazing. they were ACTUALLY one of Honda's premier cars back in 99 and were one of the best available then. they are fast with 200HP stock. H22 motors were built to last so 82000 isn't anything. the difference between the base model and the SH model is the SH has something called ATTS (Active Torque Transfer System). essentially, when you turn a corner, the ATTS kicks in and puts more power to the front outside tire so you turn better. If you can find an SH and can afford it get it. Otherwise the base models are great. However if you are planning on turboing the car then i would recommend not getting the SH because the ATTS can only handle 260-ish HP before going to sh!t. i hope this helped and you find a prelude they are great machines.

    Source(s): own a 1997 base model prelude for 4 years now and its my baby. and i am obsessed with Preludes.
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    In one word, yes! I bought a 2000 Prelude from the original owner this March with only 24K on it and the car is fun to drive. My only regret is that it replaced my 2002 RSX which had a little more power and a little more head room. I am 5'-10" and I have to lay the seat back a little more than I would like when driving it. I am also not big on the car requiring premium fuel but since I only put about 2000 miles on it a year on the car since it is my summer ride, I can live with it. Hope that helps

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    i think its nice i had one similar but it was automatic :( unfortunately. there ok not super fast.

    i dont think yours is the "s" model for the 5th generation BB6 preludes (BB6 is the 4th 5th and 6th number of your vin)

    [s model for the 5th generation is only japan]

    in the United States they had a Base model prelude which was automatic (trip-tronic or something like that)

    and the SH the manual version of the car.

    yours is the SH there isn't a 5th generation USDM "s".

    look at the chart on

    there is a 5th generation "s" but not for usa.

    a hint that yours is not a type s would be that the type s is only in japan and has no sunroof, plus look inside its right hand drive and you see the type s emblem in the grille.

    quoting wikipedia "All had a sunroof except for the Type S model."

    like this one

    Source(s): previous prelude owner. hope you learned something new.
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    Always "liked" the looks of these, esp. the earlier years.. but, now 82,000 miles on anything, is a consideration -- even if they've got it all shiny on the outside, for you.

    Are they charging $1 per mile? what's with that price... "headlights are shiny and clear"? I'd NEVER read/heard anything like that one, ever. (To me, that may mean/translate, to say: "after the head-on collision, we replaced the old yellow ones".) Do your research.. with especially on price, etc.

    If you really want it, it's not speed that's your rationale is it?...(Young guys have to watch it, and don't "fall in love" with the looks.) I once bought a gold convertible Dodge LeBaron for $7k, and had to sell it for $3k not a year later.. after the transmission went. The model variation is for interior & comfort/trim factors. I'd offer them 1/2 that price to 1/3 of that price, if the car checks out. It's used. And it's now 12 years old when creating your price... as '99 was made in 1998.

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    well the prelude was prob hondas worst model, plus good old american muscle would smoke that pussy

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    Screw honda not american made

    little 4 cylinder car

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