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Is it time for the world to stop Israel with use of force, since they shelled the UN headquarters compound?

in Gaza specifically targeting refugees and food supplies and UN staff. The IDF and Israeli Prime Minister state that they were attacked from inside the compound by Hamas militants, however they didn't account that John Ging (director of UNRWA operations in Gaza) was in the compound and "dismissed the Israeli account as 'nonsense'". The IDF also landed shells next to a UN school holding refugees. Israel is out of control and they continue to lie about being attacked, just so that they can murder more people.

I would not be surprised if they had intended to shell all the UN staff in the headquarters compound to death so that there would be no witnesses to refute their lies that they were attacked by Hamas militants from that compound. They are attempting genocide and will murder anyone to keep that quite.


Here is the Yahoo news link. And yeah the Hamas has 155 mm shells. Give me a break and get off the brainwashing.

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    Yes - absolutely; I am for equal and humane treatment for all races and religions, but you cannot deny the facts below!

    Thank you for being pro-active and actually trying to find answers on what is going on. We need more people like you!

    More info here:

    I'm no Hitler fan, but wow ---I'm just in shock about the hypocrisy!

    Israel claims it is attacking Palestine to defend itself? This is a joke! Israel defend itself? Does this sound like defense?

    Palestine doesn't even have an army, navy, or air force ---they have nothing but people throwing sticks and stones trying to defend themselves. See pictures in above link. Palestine is impoverished and a third world country compared to Israel.

    Israel has one of the most advanced military operations in the world. Can they not just kill Hamas if they wanted to? Does their great technology not allow this? Do they need to send in tanks, military planes, and a ground invasion against a country that doesn't even have a military? Do they need to attack UN schools where where Palestinian civilians are hiding? Do they need to use deadly skin burning white phosphorous in their weapons?

    Even former US President, Jimmy Carter. states in his book that "Israel's 'apartheid' policies are worse than South Africa's".

    If you think Hitler was evil based off of what he did to the Jews and you currently support Israel, then you better take a close look at the Holocaust in Palestine occurring right now and reconsider your definition of evil.

    Need to see some dead children and women to make up your mind ---sure the internet is scattered with them. See above link. See how many pictures of dead Israelis you can find - cause I can't find any ---I just keep hearing false claims from the Jewish controlled media.

    The invasion by Israel of a third world country that doesn't even have a military and killing thousands and millions over the course of time is nothing different than what Hitler did. Hitler attacked other countries claiming they were suppressing Germans. Israel is attacking other countries claiming they are terrorists. Under the guise of terrorism they are killing millions. They are provoking everyone. Who would want to fight Israel when they have such an advanced military ---one of the best in the world. Yet they claim this is all in defense???

    Hitler also took over the new media so they could have control of what people read. What do you think has happened here in the United States?

    Do some research on who owns most of the news channels like FOX, NY Times, Wallstreet Journal, ABC, AOL, Time Warner, etc..... The facts are all there. Jews own all of these.

    This book is also very good and explains a lot:

    It's amazing ----people will look back at this time someday and say why didn't anyone do anything. Israel IDF is comparable to the Nazi SSS. Comparisons will be made in the future and the truth about the genocide will eventually come out.

    Please do all you can for the sake and dignity of humanity to spread the truth. Provide the details. Provide the references. Show the pictures.

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    I guess you'd have to understand how artillery is aimed.

    BBC said two or three WP shells landed in the compound.

    First you fire a couple of shells to the approximate location. Spotters then correct the aim using the smoke from the first rounds as a reference. My guess is that spotting rounds landed in the compound.

    If the UN building were the target it would have been levelled in the fire for effect phase where high explosive rounds are used.

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    LOL - not a chance.

    The people of the UN who volunteer to go to Gaza are already skewed. Send in true neutral monitor and I can guarantee you that they will tell you that Hamas is hiding anywhere they think is safe.

    Where are the UN monitors in Israel?

    OH, wait. They don't want to go there because suicide bombings and rocket launches aren't very accurate.

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    They won't let journalists in because they are trying to hide the fact they are guilty of killing innocent civilians. They released a message over loudspeaker on Monday morning telling civilians to leave there homes. Then they leave their homes and are shot dead without warning. No explanation. Israel are no longer just trying to defend themselves. Its outright killing spree on anybody in Gaza.

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    No invite them to New York to take out the world headquarters. The UN

    is about as effective or impartial as the US senate

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    The United Abominations is a joke.

    Youtube thumbnail

    "Less than five miles from Ground Zero sits an International hotbed, the United "Abominations" as it were. Created to prevent wars and promote peace, it failed to address the most dangerous threats facing the world.

    In a mire of hypocrisy, bribes, kickbacks, and corruption, the UN enables terrorism, and ignores sex crimes by its peacekeepers. The UN is where our so-called allies undermine us, and we pay 22% of their tab to host our enemies here at home.

    Ambassadors from dirt-poor countries enjoy luxurious, tax-free Manhattan lifestyles, turning children into sex-slaves and enjoy Diplomatic immunity. It's a complete and utter disgrace, a blot on the face of humanity, and they get away with it."

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    UN officials have lied repeatedly about Hamas using UN facilities and personal as cover, is there really any reason to trust them now?

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    Jesus said that you can tell a tree by the fruit it bares ;and this is bitter fruit from the government in Israel.

    Many Christians believe that they are the chosen people . But they are not until they except Jesus as the Messiah .

    Because Jesus Christ would not condone or support the killing of children especially.

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    I think they should start with sanctions. Stop trading with Israel. Denounce Israel as a terrorist state.

    If only the above could be done, never mind force!

    Unfortunately the people in Gaza cannot rely on their Arab neighbours and its down to us in the West to pressurise our governments, boycott Israeli products and companies and spread the word.

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    No. Cowardly hamas dirtbag terrorists were shooting at them from inside the U.N. compound. Hamas uses women, children, schools & hospitals for shields, why not the U.N. too.

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