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Phoenix, Arizona weather in February?

Ok, so I'm going on a three week trip to Phoenix on February 8, and I was wondering what the weather is like that time of year?

I come from Calgary Alberta, so right now we're in winter parka weather season right now, so obviously I won't be needing my present clothes (Or at least I should hope not!) But what kind of clothes should I be packing?

Should I be expecting to be wearing shorts and T-shirts every day? Or is it going to be more of a light pants and shirts climate?

Any recommendations of things I should be packing would be greatly appreciated, as I've never been there before.

Also: Can I expect my Grandma's community's outdoor pool to be open? Or will it be too "cold" for that? I would just flat out ask her, but she doesn't know I'm coming, it's a surprise.

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    Coming from Alberta, you should be able to handle our weather during February. It's usually in the 70°s, low 40°s. During that time, I usually bring a light jacket and I always wear flip flops no matter what season it is. I wear the same kind of clothes all year long here so I suggest comfortable clothes like tees and jeans.

    Her pool should be open but it depends on if it's heated. I worked at a resort for four years and during February people always laid out by the pool because our weather is considered warm lay out weather to them. If the pool is too cold, you can always take a nice dip in the spa :)

    Good luck and hope your Grandma enjoys her surprise!

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    Arizona Weather In February

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    Phoenix Weather In February

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    Im2 hours from Phoenix , in Tucson AZ. Its chilly at 56 today , swimming would not be good . Light clothes with a lightweight jacket is recommended .

    It really depends on you . I see people with parkas on and then people with shorts and sandals .

    Mostly just tee shirts and long pants will suffice , with a jacket at sunset . The desert gets chilly at night .

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    I went to Arizona final March (Phoenix to be exact), and the climate became in many circumstances interior the 70-80 diploma variety. continuously sunny, for sure. It became a splash cooler interior the evenings, so deliver a jacket or sweater, yet average it became friendly. i can't advise many solid vacationer places - we've been at a house and as a rule only spent time by the pool on the complicated. We did circulate to a lake east of Mesa spoke of as Canyon Lake, which became very exceedingly/southwestern sense, even yet it became somewhat a twisty-turnycontinual to get there. We additionally visited Sedona, that's alluring, even however i'm unsure there is too plenty "cowboy stuff" - it became greater hippie/present save stuff.

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    for people who live here it is a little chilly at night, day time is nice weather. For people from snow country it is sort of warm. If the pool is heated you can swim no problem if not it will be cold.

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