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What indoor antenna is better than Terk TV5?

I guess I paid about $40 for the Terk TV5, which pulls in a decent number of HD channels, albeit with much repositioning required. Has anyone used the same antenna and then tried a different one with better results? I live in San Francisco near the main transmitter, but with hills and buildings in the way. Thanks!


shage, thanks for the good answer. I'm trying my best to avoid having to go outdoors, though, because it's a bit too inconvenient. I really want to know if there is a specific indoor antenna that would outperform the Terk TV5 at least slightly under my existing conditions. I'll continue my search until it just looks too hopeless.

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    I don't know that I have a specific answer for you but I do have some feedback. I live in Minneapolis and have 2 different amplified antennas...neither of which work worth a craaaap indoors. Placing even a cheap antenna outdoors makes all the difference.

    If there is a way to see if your building structure is the main obstacle, and that isn't too hard, I would suggest doing so...maybe by holding the antenna out the window for a while.

    If it makes a big difference (and I suspect it will) then looking at some outdoor solution might be the best way to make yourself happy over the long haul...extra effort and ugly outside appearances aside.

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