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Describing a solution for Employee database?

I have to describe a solution for Employee database. Here is the assignment:

A large production company wants you to design and implement employee database that consists of two sections: one section that everybody has access to and a section that only HR department and the CEO can see. First section consists of data like name, title, phone number ect. The other section consists of data concerning what education, courses tests ect. that each employee has taken, that is when it was taken, when it must be re-evaluated, if more education is needed for the employee to conduct his or hers job better.

Explain how you want to develop such system using documentation like E/R diagrams, development methods, Visual Vocabulary, paper prototypes etc. And show sample code that describes a solution for a paper of the system.

If any of you have any advice, links to tutorials or something relevant just post it i would be really thankful!

2 Answers

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