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I am a student studying in UNi Adelaide LLB, if i want to be a soli in Hong kong, i have read about the Hong Kong law society which said i need to take the PCLL exam, but i'm quite confuse about it said i need to worked for 2 years full time Law related job for taking the PCLL? can i just take the PCLL after i graduate from Australia

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    The following are the steps for becoming of a solicitor in HK

    Upon completion of LLB overseas.....

    1. Pass the conversion exams for PCLL

    2. Complete PCLL

    3. Work as a Trainee Solicitor (2 years)

    Since you obtained your LLB degree overseas, there is now a requirement that you must complete the conversion exams before you are eligible for consideration for admission to PCLL.

    There are three conversion exams every oversea LLB student must take before applying for PCLL:

    HK Constitutional Law (which is mainly about the Basic Law)

    HK Land Law (conveyancing)

    HK Legal System

    There is no way you can skip these 3 subjects.

    There are also a host of other core subjects required such as criminal law and tort law. Whether your Australian LLB satisfies those core subjects I am not so sure and I suggest that you should check with the university concerned to facilitate your planning.

    Should you get admitted to PCLL after passing the conversion exams, PCLL takes only a year to complete. PCLL is more like a certificate course than an exam.

    After completion of the PCLL, you must work as a trainee solicitor for 2 years before you qualify as a lawyer. Of course, that means that you must obtain a trainee contract from a law firm before the completion of your PCLL studies. In fact, many local LLB students are given trainee contracts as early as their 3rd year in law school.

    Hence, you do not work as a trainee for 2 years after completing LLB. You only do so after completion of PCLL.

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