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1.Some employers are very paruicular about prospective employess' ____.

A.credits B.credibility c.credentials D.credulity

2.every guest at the party was deeply__ with mr.sron's hospitality.

A.expressive B.expressed C.impressive D.impressed

3.politicians who play with racial differentiation__their nation's stability

A.underscore B.undermine C.underestimate D.understand

4.these two universities have a __ agreement whereby students from one school can attend

classes at the other.

A.pragmatic B.remunerated C.reciprical D.conciliation

5.i had a __ to represent me in court.

A.teacher B.scientist C.businessman D.lawyer

6.mothers feel great ___ when their children are sick.

A.deep B.anxiety C.nothing D.confuse

7.the teacher always give us too many __ to do.

A.section B.favor C.assignments D.honor

8.it's so hot and __ today that my clothes are sticking to me.

A.humid B.dry C.moisture D.muddy

9.__ is very important for your new job. you should never be late for any meeting.

A.pinctuation B.punctuality C.proliferation D.procrastination

10.the mailman approached the house __ because of the vicious dog.

A.hastily B.precisely C.cautiously D.deliberately





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    1. (B) 有些雇主特別在意未來員工的可靠性(信用)

    2. (B) 宴會上的來賓都對Mr. Sron的熱情好客留下深刻印象

    3. (C) 那些操弄種族區隔問題的政客們低估了他們國家的穩定性

    4. (C)這兩間大學之間有了互惠的一個協議, 他們的學生可以到彼此的學校上課

    5. (D) 有律師會代表我出庭

    6. (B) 當小孩子生病時母親總是會感到很焦慮

    7. (C) 那個老師總是給很多作業要我們做

    8. (A) 今天實在是很濕熱, 害我衣服都黏在身上了

    9. (B) 準時對你的新工作來說是很重要的, 你不應該在任何會議上遲到

    10. (C) 郵差小心翼翼的接近那房子, 因為那有隻凶惡的狗

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