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What does your love story sound like!!?

Can you write a paragraph or two about your ideal (or maybe it's even your reality) love story using your Mars and Venus placements? You can use whatever aspects they make to each other, planets in the chart, or points. Also try to find a way to implement their house placements as well. You can use whatever other planets you think would influence your story (Sun, Moon, Mercury... etc...) but try to tell us which planets/house placements/aspects are being shown in what part of your story! Get creative and have fun with this! :)

Alright! Let's go!


Interesting answers so far :)

Extended it to give anyone else who wants to answer, a chance to answer.

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    This will sound so bad..but i'm not going to write about the story between myself and the guy i'm it's not my ideal love story. lol he sure knows that anyway..but yh nice question before i start.

    Sun=Capricorn/ Moon=Cancer/ Mercury=Sagittarius/ Venus=Capricorn/ Mars=Taurus/ (Rising,Ascendant=Gemini)

    On the bus 1 morning,ipod in ears as always,daydreaming as usual. A guy who's decent looking but looks nicer the more you look at him gets on standing and glances at me. We glance at each other through the whole journey, but not so much that it's really obvious, but enough that we realise. This carries on nearly everyday i see him, although there's a few days where i don't, i start to feel as if i miss him when i don't. My Capricorn Sun forbids to even THINK of saying something to him, well not first anyway.

    1 day he ends up siting next to me on the bus. I feel wierd inside..awkard.."I think you follow me"..I give a smile and a laugh in if my hardworking Capricorn side would 'pretend to go college in order to be around some boy' moon in cancer tells me i wouldn't mind taking a day off to be with him - but would i ever put that thought into action?? my capricorn says no.

    He asks me what college i go to - i tell him..and what i do - i tell him acting..he loves acting but he's scared of trying out drama school and giving up on his academic subjects but he would give anything to be one or to write his own play or series..I feel so comfortable. he seems like me. except 1 difference..he's wrote so much things already loads of his scripts being comedies - just what i'm interested in but my taurus in mars & cancer moon sometimes makes me stubborn or too down to bother writing anymore..BUT HE ACTUALLY PUTS HIS WORDS INTO ACTION AND HAS LOADS AT HOME BUT DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM - I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM BUT I JUS LOSE MOTIVATION..IM SO IMPRESSED WITH HIS HARDWORKING, CREATIVE, CONFIDENT & INSPIRING SELF (my Sun in Capricorn gets turned on! lol joking..but you know what i mean) I give him some advice & words of inspiration - and tell him never give up for me..we make jokes he asks about the music i'm listening and listens too (that gets me) stop comes,i dont wna get off but i do.

    Don't see him for time i see him (in mcdonalds) he lookds happy to see me..but i'm in a mood had a bad day (moon in cancer makes it soo much worse..but my capricorn can't even express it easily)..tells me he's been thinking about me..he was on holiday..he inspires me and looks me in the face and says my name then says "i believe in you" venus in Capricorn noticed that he remembered my name even though it's a small detail..we talk..he asks to walk me confused go into my shell but allow it..we get the bus together..he walks me home..we talk have jokes talk about music the future life religion..he takes my number.

    We talk everyday & can't get enough of each other. He makes me laugh so much i cry - vice versa. He plays tune to me, i play tunes to him, he sings to me, i'm shy. He waits for me after college, i wait for him. He motivates me to get all my work done in my most stressful times, even though his determination, concern, sweetness & loving distracts me.

    We both fulfil our dreams. Thenn go on holidays together..get lost together..have picnics..cook with each other..i can tell him anything..but at the same time he's the worst person to tell things to, because he makes me lose my words & even someone with mercury in sagittarius jumble up what they're saying. We love each other unconditionally. Get married & Have kids. He inspires me. We live & love together foreveranever........x

    SORRY THAT WAS SO LONG (lol maybe cos of my gemini rising once i get started i can't stop? dno) Notice how the Capricorn in me had everything kind of revolving around aspirations? The Cancer in me had to be sure of his feelings? My Venus in Capricorn never really made the moves? My Mars in Taurus however..secretly wanted it. lol maybe.

    I dno what sign he could be though..x Hope you enjoyed reading that =]

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  • 4 years ago

    That was really good! You have great potential! If you don't take voice lessons already, consider taking them.... NOW! You sounded EXACTLY like Taylor Swift. If kind of scared me, in a pleasant way... With some more training, you could be even better! You had a few pitch problems, and you might want to learn to control the tone of your voice. Other than that, some places you took large, gaspy breaths, which didn't sound horrible, but didn't sound great either. Hope I helped =] Keep on singing!

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  • 1 decade ago

    this is interesting...

    sun - pisces - i'm a bit wishy washy when i'm in love.

    my moon sign is gemini which makes that even worse...

    venus - aries - i fall in love easily and often act impulsively.

    mars - sagittarius - very enthusiastic and passionate.

    and for your information, i really love strange people. they're very fascinating and they're never boring.

    anyways, here we go...

    i'm walking around at the city, not knowing where to go, as usual. i'm about to cross the street and i see someone on the other side. a guy with intense eyes, staring at me. it's strange how i feel so connected with him despite the fact that he's a complete stranger. the lights go green. we walk by each other and his eyes are fixated on me. i smile at him and he just stares at me.

    i move on and keep on walking but he's still stuck on my mind

    half an hour later, i stop by to buy some cds. i see those eyes again, staring at me. i know they were his right away. he comes up to me and says 'did you hear what happened?" i tell him i don't know what he means.

    and he says " something happened out there about half an hour ago. it's a simple story of a man running without a destination and while he was running he met this beautiful girl and fell in love. his heart was beating so hard, he nearly had a heart attack. it's a classic story...a true story too"

    he stares at me as he says those words. i know what he's trying to do and couldn't help but laugh at his statement. he asks me out and we go out for lunch and talk for hours. he's very strange and that's what gets me all excited. he's never boring and always passionate.

    a few months later, we both decides to move to london and live together. we form a band, and tour locally and stays together for many many years..

    i still believe in love at first sight...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm not sure what your asking here but I'm going to give it a shot lol...Well my Pisces Moon is a very romantic placement, I've never really thought about my love story, but I have thought about some things I would like to do with the person I love. (Thats a lot of love in a sentence haha)

    Walks and picnics on the beach...while the sun is setting, us two just sitting with our glass of wine or whatever and just taking in the scene...holding eachother (maybe taking a picture lol) Oh I know my (Venus in Libra is liking this lol)

    Other romantic things, well going on a road trip. I've always thought about this, infact I think about it every other month lol. I wake up around 4/5am, pick her up and hit the road, windows down, taking in the fresh air. Watching the sun rise and blasting the music while driving. (The Leo in me is loving this lmao)

    Love is wonderful but it's so rare in times like this. Were lucky we even get a taste of it :D

    Source(s): Leo sun Leo rising Leo mercury Venus libra Pisces moon Cap mars
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  • 1 decade ago

    i,m bout to get off the subway and this sexy goergoeus guy scorpio guy with stares deep into my eyes and i feeel like melting. he confesses to gettin off the wrong stop just to talk to me. just staring at him makes me wanna jump into his broad shoulders. he ask for my hand and tells me to follow him that he has something to show me. he takes me to his place and plays mea beautiful song on his guiter. i wanna melt. i feel like ive just taken a trip to jupiter, well we hold each other while falling asleep on his couch and the next morning i wake up he makes me breakfast. we all spend the whole together and live happily eva after!

    i kno i din,t use alot of astrology cuz i don,t know alot! lol. wat do u tink of ma story

    Source(s): imagination
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  • 1 decade ago

    alrite i don mind typing down my story... my first love was a virgo but i dont know about his birth chart... and the one im dating now is a libra sun.. im a cancer sun we had lotta attractions at start... we were online friends first... i had so many online friends but it was very strange with him... we jus talked as if we know each other from long time... i said about my love story and he was sensible to it... he seemed to be sensitive at start... later we met one day.. he looked like a very bold daring young man.. its coz of his rising in leo... and he said i looked like a very reserved shy girl... its coz of my rising in virgo.. we had fun conversation.. but ofcourse later i realised about our mercury placements and had smalll fights for small things... my mercury in cancer and his in libra... he always twists and turns the word and confuse me...

    im a cancer so always seek for some mental and emotional attachment.. i looked at his sensitive aspects... he has aries in moon he's emotional but very defending when his emotions are out... and im very emotional since my moon is in pisces.. now that our jus dating turned into relationship... i always wondered listening to a cancer and libra compatibility but realised he had scorpion in venus and he's very clingy obsessive and jealous at times if i talk to someone else... always seek for re assurance..i have cancer in venus and almost i behave the same as my bf in relationships very protective.. that was the best part in him which made us connected... and his mars is in capricorn... though he talk to so many girls since hez a libra love socializing... he don have any physical attrcations... he don look for physical thing for freindship he look for more than that... he decides a person studying her character... and my mars in leo... i like attention and i know how to gain attention... he dont know this since i never looked at other peson when im with him... we both are happy so far... and our relationship is more than jus attrcation... we didnt said L word yet... since he's a libra he like taking much time and even i like taking much time before committment...

    Source(s): by the way very interesting question
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dark and dismal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Complicated.. Thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can but I won't. There are children present.;)

    This is an awesome question.

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