What is the cost to start a business? ?

What is the cost to start a business in New York City?


I worded this question wrong .. i meant ot ask how much does it cost to register a business in new york city?

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    It varies.

    McDonald's - Work there for years, get to be a manager, work 50 hours per week for a few years, go to Hamburger College, save about $750k, buy one for yourself, work 70 hours per week for three years - then you start to make a profit.

    Subway - similar hours, about a third the start up cost. Similar years.

    Both will give you an ulcer with the overhead, employees, etc. McDonald's won't let just anybody have a franchise, but they will hold your hand and kick your butt until you succeed.

    Home based businesses are the way to go. Zero employees, little overhead, start part time until you have the hang of it and the income surpasses your full time job, start up can range from $500 to about $1,200.

    Source(s): I'm not doing the McDonald's or Subway.
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