What's the difference between pharmacology and pharmacy?

Michigan State University offers a Professional Science Masters in their Integrated Pharmacology program. I'm unsure if I can use this two year program (after I get my bachelor's of course) to become a pharmacist or do I need to enter something different to become a pharmacist?

P.S. I've looked into their academic programs and all throughout their pharmacology programs, just in case you're wondering.

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    pharmacology is different from pharmacy, pharmacolgy has alot more to do with neuroscience and they deal with the drugs and how they work on the brain, and they are the ones that do alot of studies with different drugs. I have a professor in my PhD program who is a pharmacoligist and he is a researcher, he actually deals with illegal drugs, but he studues the way they effect the body, but he did it with regular prescriotion drugs for a long time, and he also has set up research labs in pharmaceutical sales places. A pharmacist learns about the drugs and learns about them in general and their chemical properties and then they fill the prescriptions, they are two completely dofferent aeas, so if you want to become a pharmacist then you should enroll in a pharmacy program.

    Source(s): liscensed therapist, PhD student
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