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R&P~ Do you listen to......... :)?

different music when you are with your friends, than when you are by yourself......

I was just wondering cause I know I do.....only a few of my dude friends listen to metal....but most of my friends like rap, r&b, hip/hop all that stuff so I let loose and join in and listen to it and stuff....

I must admit it's hard to sing along, dance and act like immature teens with metal when I am with my friends we goof off with rap and stuff....know what I mean?

I will openly admit to being in my car, filled with friends, with the windows down and the system up, dancing and singing along to random sh*t from Ludacris, to Lil' Wayne to Run DMC....haha, while I don't think it is good music, it's still fun....

What is everyones thoughts on this? Do you listen to completely different music around different ppl like ur friends?

MQ~ Who's voice makes you go "Now how in the hell did they get a recording contract?"

Me~ Rhianna...that ho cant sing for

Random BQ~Pick a person, a place and an activity :P

Thanks! :)


to the f*cktard below me...I am a METALHEAD dumbasss

Update 2:

Haha, Mama Jamie...she asked if she could experience a night with me and we said alright once we will allow it....

lmao :)

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    Oh my gosh yeah!!! my friends are the exact same thing!!! like they listen to Lil wayne chris brown, Rhianna...etc..

    except one of my friends haha she is the same as me shes my best friend so I guess we share the same music taste haha but the crazy thing is she is really good at acting like she likes the songs they listen to is hilarious and she sings along with them pretty good not like me who is trying to figure it out hahah I just dance half the time hahah to cover it up.

    "I will openly admit to being in my car, filled with friends, with the windows down and the system up, dancing and singing along to random sh*t from Ludicrous, to Lil' Wayne to Run DMC....haha, while I don't think it is good music, it's still fun...." I do the same thing lol but it does get annoying when you dont know the lyrics and you just make up ur own words acting like your saying the words hahaha.

    But yeah I listen to completely different music when Im not with my friends..

    "Me~ Rhianna...that ho cant sing for" Oh my gosh hahaha I completely agree with you she doesn't even have a voice! hah butt when she sings live... hah I feel embarrassed for her.. haha

    I think Lil wayne is the guy that make me say "now how in the hell did they get a recording contract?" lol his voice makes my throat feel funny lol hahaha he sounds like hes going to burp or something hhaha. lol idk I just dont like the way he sings. its werid and annoying. haha

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    Not really. My friends do listen to different music than me, but we have agreed that we will not listen to music when we hang out together. They can't stand Metal, and I'm not the biggest fan of what they listen to (which ranges from hip-hop to Classic Rock). The difference is too large to find common ground.

    Funny thing though, I have the exact same MP3 player (4-gig creative) as one of my friends, but opposite music preferences.

    MQ: The guy who does vocals for Waking the Cadaver. I cannot stand pig squeals.

    BQ: Person: Me.

    Place: The basement.

    Activity: Answering a question on R&P =P

    *EDIT: Lordmetal: Shut your trap, kid. You claim to be a Metalhead and yet, on your profile, you claim that Death Metal is not music. Spare me the BS.

  • Not really. Most of the folks I talk to in school are into rap/hip hop and everything else. It's a predominantly black/hispanic school but there are few peeps who like some of my stuff =)

    MQ: Chris Daughtry!!!!!, horrible horrible H O R R I B L E!!!!

    BQ: You, Faff, and I in a champagne jakoozie discussing music =)

  • No, I totally agree! I do that all the time with my friends. It's hard to dance to Counting Crows and The Killers, alright. Cut me a break.

    My friends and I have been hooked on "The Anthem" by Pitbull and I've been known to bump some Akon, Lil Wayne, and Baby Bash in my car full of friends. Oh and the song I gave you in another answer "My D***" by Mickey Avalon. SO funny!

    Thank you for allowing people, like you and myself, to be honest about it. I'm not ashamed. It's just fun : ]

    MA: Jesse McCartney! Ahhhh! I CAN'T STAND HIM! He's worse than the Jonas Brothers in my opinion. He sings through his nose! Urg.

    Random BA: Me, my crib, chillin with you!

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    Yes, sadly. I've learned to tolerate my friends' music. Mostly top 40 crap, some of the listen to ICP (shudder)

    but if it's my car, I'll listen to what I want! Keep your hands off my radio and I won't bite you!

    I have a couple of friends who listen to the same kind of music as me, we drive around and listen to music sometimes.

    MQ- Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, Miley Cyrus, they all sound like gerbils to me

    Owen J. Gromme riding a bicycle in Paraguay

    (I don't know, the name was on a book by my computer)

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    Yeah. I listen to more RHCP, DMB, Speechwriters LLC, that sort of stuff (the abbreviation bands...jk).

    MQ: Geddy Lee

    BQ: Barack Obama playing basketball at Madison Square Garden

    And since when is Run-DMC not good? They are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (while the Stooges still aren't!).

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    YEAH! Me and my friend blast actually in the school halls Eminem or someshite like that and sing along! It's so funny! But then i guess that's why we're called stupid!

    And my other friend and me listen to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and metal stuff. I don't listen to it because i don't have the cd's and i am poor and i can't buy things but i will soon! =D

    MA:Lil Wayne (im sorry) his voice is just ick...

    Source(s): BA:idk, Chuck Norris/in a churce/reading the bible...idk edit::::Fine, fine, fine! lol Hey now, Are you dead yet? Nikki Sixx is miiine! =P but you can rent him for 5 bucks! =D i kid, i kid.
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    Yes. I generally will listen to whatever other people want to put on and not push anything of mine. I already know what I like, better to hear something new.

    MA: Jessica Simpson. Well I guess I know how (blonde, boobs) but I still don't like it.

    BA: The Dalai Llama, kickboxing in Bangkok street competitions for money.

    I agree with Sal. Run-DMC rules.

  • Nope I listen to the same thing all the time with friends or who ever

    Amon Amarth,Black Stone Cherry,Murderdolls Motley Crue, Children of Bodom, Hollywood Undead =)

    MQ: Lil' Wayne, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, etc..

    MQ2:Is this a dirty question?? if it is me likey=)

    Nikki Sixx/ Alexi Laiho/ Charlie Scene, hotel room/ closet/ etc, just use your imagination =)

    edit: lol can we share him because I love him too...

    edit edit: yay!!! =)

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    Hey Stab. My friend is a big fan of punk rock and I sometimes I find myself listening to bands like Rise Against and AFI

    MQ- Scott Stapp

    BQ- Tony Homo playing for the New York Yankees

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