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Should record cold discourage the Global Warming effort?

Seems people change their minds quickly anymore should more monies be spent to strenghten this campaign and prove this Global Warming is going to do irreversible harm if we don't act NOW?


Record cold is being reported in Europe, Canada & the USA.

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    The cold weather is nothing more than "Al Gore" handing out "Carbon Credits"!

    Edit addition: ----There is no action that we can take to change the climate! The various climate changes that we experience are the result of sun spot activity not the activity of man.

    That said, we should do a great deal to clean up pollution which is very bad for our health but that still won't change our climate! Al Gore should concentrate on that instead of excusing his own actions with "Carbon Credits"! What a looney!

    Oikos----I read you----Now how did that "arctic cold air" at the poles get so "Cold" and how did the warmer air that replaced it get so "Hot". Heat is caused by the sun and sun spots activity results in changing radiation from the sun! Cold is simply an absence of heat!------No Sale!

    Edit: ----I just lifted this link from another questioner showing sea ice now at same level as end of 1979! "Truth" et al should find this interesting!


    If I use the "Logic" of Al Gore and "Truth" along with self serving Govt. agencies and Grant supported University's:

    If and when we clean up pollution and get enough "Carbon Credits" we will then go into a very bad "Ice Age"! I guess the world was in an "Ice Age" up until oil was discovered! Up until then Coal was used but it was worse than oil for pollution but we weren't in a period of "Global Warming" then!-----NO SALE!--Your "logic" does not "Compute"!

    Dana:--Oh Wow---You have a Masters? Where did you get 130 years of "Global" climate change records? The rest of us poor mortals have never know such data existed until just now! Please publish this "Data Set" so the rest of us can see it!

    God Bless America/In God We Trust------not Al Gore!

    Proud Vet

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    The world undergoes periods of warming and cooling. The question is about the extent to which human activities contribute to climate change. We don’t know. But when I see a factory smokestack spewing filth into the air, I know it’s not good for people. We talk about plants absorbing CO2, yet we continue to destroy our rain forests.

    I’m not a scientist, but I know that man-made pollution does not help humans survive. The U.S. has become much “cleaner” in the last two decades, but China and India are “developing” nations and are free to pollute as much as they want. They weren’t even asked to sign the Kyoto Protocol. China is building a new coal-fired electric generating facility every week. Indians rely heavily on charcoal for cooking and heat, and that requires them to destroy their own forests.

    The developed world needs to ban imports from countries that do not show any concern for their polluting activities.

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    No, unfortunately the scammers like Al Gore have already decided to start calling it Climate Change instead of Global Warming, because it "explains" the cold. Perfect way to mislead the American population for a few more money making years.

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    We didn't cause the heat, we didn't cause the cold.

    These theories are brought to you by the same type of guys who said that the sun rotate around the earth and can't fathom that there are other forces that keep it in check.

    EDIT: I love how guys like truth say "how could 3 federal agencies be wrong" when I'm wiling to bet that if I claim that there really are massive stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq citing multiple federal agencies that reported that, perhpas he might change his tune on their authoriative declairations which are politically motivated.

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    The way to explain this to a "denier" is to point out that the record cold comes from Arctic air pushing down from the North Pole. This does not leave the Pole without air. It is replaced by warmer air from someplace south of the pole, resulting in a heat balance. We get colder; the Arctic gets warmer. Local weather (even over a wide area) is not global climate.

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    First of all, any record cold that's happening is totally on a local scale. September-November 2008 was the 4th hottest Sept-Nov on a global scale in the past 130 years. December 2008 was the 7th hottest December.


    Don't worry - as soon as winter is over people will stop blabbing about the cold and get re-focused on global warming.

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    the very fact that the EPA,NOAA,NASA. accept that global warming is caused by burning hydrocarbons should tell you something about it.




    your going to hear some garbage from right wing sources that global warming is a myth and they might even provide a link to the very small group of scientist who back their claim despite the overwhelming majority of climatologists who believe that it is caused by us humans clearing land and burning fossil fuels and raising enormous amounts of cattle to feed the masses that are a leading cause of methane gas in the atmosphere.


    most people on this subject base their beliefs on political parties,rather than facts and choose to ignore it because al gore spoke out on it.but those of us who do believe in it,have the real family values and want to leave our great grandchildren something to enjoy not just another problem.


    Source(s): jersey guy- here is data by the university corporation for atmospheric research. http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/earth/clima... and here is the rest of the data from your link that got left out from the article and you will see it is based on 1 scenario of gaugeing the melting of the ice caps. the writer of the article left out the fact there are several variables they used to determine that and the writer picked the one that benefited his point. here is the rest of the studies on climate change done by the university of illinios. http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/ IT IS CLEAR THAT ALOT OF THE PEOPLE WHO ANSWERED THIS QUESTION ARE JUST BASING THEIR FACTS ON POLITICS AND NOT INTERESTED IN FACTS.THE 3 THUMBS DOWN SHOW THE IMMATURITY OF THOSE ON HERE WHILE A RANT ABOUT BEING TIRED OF THIS AND THAT IS GIVEN 5 THUMBS UP.THATS WHY REPUBLICANS LOSE ELECTIONS,THEY ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH AMERICA AND THE WORLD AND THEIR GREED SHOWS IN EVERY ANSWER.
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    In a sane world it would. Most grown ups would figure out the hysteria of irreversible harm are the rants of demagogue politicians.

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    It's time that our tax dollars be spent on worthwhile projects..... education, health care.... etc.

    I, for one..... am tired of the Billions of $$$ being wasted on the man-did-it climate change scam. If the Warmers want funding for that crap, then let them put their own $$$ on the line.

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    summer will get here

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