Logic puzzle anyone feel up to a simple puzzle worth 10 points?

During a crazy weekend of paintball, four friends were having great fun. The paint came in BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and RED. Coincidently, the four friend had T-Shirts in those same colors. Using the 5 clues below, figure out who used what color, and who wore what T-Shirt.

1. Brenda used blue paintballs

2. The person in the green t-shirt used yellow balls

3. james was not wearing a red t-shirt

4. diane used green balls and had a blue shirt

5. simon was the only person who used paint which was the same color as his shirt.

the people are Simon, brendA, james, diane.

there are 2 categories T-shirt color | Paintball color

Good Luck!


RONI gets the points

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oh, I adore these types of puzzles!!!

    Brenda | Blue | yellow shirt

    Simon | red | red shirt

    Diane | green | blue shirt

    James | yellow | green shirt

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