What are the best summer music camps/festivals/academies to go to?

I'm a sophomore in high school, I have a pretty extensive resume in terms of accomplishments. I won't go into detail, but don't refrain from recommending something because you think I can't make it. Anyways, I live in Texas, and going someplace close would be preferable but I am open to any location (in the continental United States of course).


hi, sorry i forgot to put that i play flute

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    Well, it mostly depends on what instrument you play. There are a lot of excellent festivals that are for only one instrument. But some of the top in USA are the Aspen Music Festival, Tanglewood, and Brevard Music Center. Aspen is definately the most prestigious. If you are interested in chamber music, Marlboro in Vermont is top notch.

    good luck!

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    a few personal favourites of mine for the summertime are: Against Me - Don’t Lose Touch. Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me. An Horse - Horizons. Anti-Flag - Drink Drank Punk. Atmosphere - Sunshine At The Drive-In: Skips On The Record. Bikini Kill - Strawberry Julius. Bouncing Souls - No Comply. Boys Night Out - Medicating. Brand New - Sink. Cold Cave - Life Magazines. Cut Off Your Hands - Closed Eyes. Death Cab For Cutie - Crooked Teeth. H2O - Nothing To Prove. Kaki King - Falling Day. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch. Matt and Kim - Silver Tiles. Rancid - Ruby Soho. Social Distortion - Story Of My Life. Strike Anywhere - I’m Your Opposite Number. Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence. The Color Fred - If I Surrender. The Gaslight Anthem - Boomboxes and Dictionaries. The Menzingers - Time Tables. The Used - Meant To Die. Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment. Weezer - Island In The Sun.

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    Interlochen Music Camps (Michigan) are supposed to be good.


    If you're looking to work on All-State Music, University of Texas puts on a good camp to learn that music.

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    camp rock!!! jk hahaha...

    um...i really dont know...i'd say just to do a good solid online search and your bound to come up with something good...i've heard nyc has some amazing programs...

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