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Issues or troubles/problems in Ohio?

I'm doing a report on issues in Ohio. I went to the website, but all they list are the good things about it. Can anyone tell me issues or problems in Ohio that need to be solved? Or give me some links to websites that state these?

-Thanks (:

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    Ohio has one of the worst economies of all the states. Many of their industry/factory jobs have been moved to TN and other states, and countries.

    While many states around it has legalized gambling, Ohio still refuses. Ohio's education (k-12) has many schools that are in academic watch or failure.

    Source(s): Ohio citizen for several decades.
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    Unemployment is one of the biggest issues. We have a lot of car plants and other factories that have laid off a lot of people. Another issue is with the Police, Fire, EMT etc. There is not enough money in the State's budget to hire new personnel for the ones that retire. As far as getting info just google the different news stations like WSYX, NBC 4 WBNS 10tv (those are Columbus) and you will find lots of info. Good Luck

    Source(s): Have lived in Ohio for 29 years.
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