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How can i lose 2 stone in 2 months?

im 5 foot 4 inches and about 10 stone, ive put on 2 stone since ive been with my fiance and i would like to get back to how i was, need to do it in 2 months as im going on holiday. any suggestions?



a stone is 14 pounds

Update 2:

any food plans i could follow or easy exercise?

Update 3:

im 20 by the way

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    Losing two stone in two months is possible, but at your weight I think it's unrealistic. Really fat people can lose loads in the first couple of months, but you're not very overweight, so it's going to come off more slowly.

    I would recommend a balanced non-faddy diet like Weight Watchers or Slimming World as these are long term solutions that allow you to still eat like a normal person! And just get a little more exercise, nothing major needed, just walk places more. If you're quite strict with yourself I reckon you could get a stone off (losing just under 2lb a week, which is a safe rate of loss and means it's less likely to pile straight back on again the minute you eat something remotely naughty). If you get to 9st or even close the difference will be fantastic.

    You don't need to be 8st at 5"4, but if want to keep losing you can just keep going. Just don't starve for 2 months because it will all go back on.

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    A stone is a metric measure of weight. Gah!

    Erm, just diet I suppose. And exercise regularly. You can try cutting out certain products, i.e. cut out, use less, or use an alternative to butter - go from whole or semi - skimmed milk to skimmed milk.

    Try not to snack, have breakfast every day, and cut out the fizzy and the chocolate!

    Hope this helps, good luck!

    Edit: Try going jogging once in a while, or take up a new sport such as badminton (An indoor sport you can play whatever the weather!) Maybe avoid driving at times where you can simply walk, or even cycle. Unless it's tipping it down with rain of course...

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    join weight watchers, i lost a stone in 3 weeks **EDIT** what age are you? im only 16 and im a member of weight watchers, you just gotta get a parents permission. If your under 16 you just get a note from a doctor stating that you need to lose weight for health reasonns. simple as

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    that's too much to lose in 2 months, but if your young you may do it, cut back on fats, sugary foods, pastries, alcohol fizzy drinks etc go for lean meats plenty of fruit and veg low fat yogurt is said to help weight loss and something like weetabix for breakfast , i try to stick with either carbs all day (pasta, jacket potatoes, breads etc) or proteins (meats fish) not mixing the 2 on the same day.oh and plenty of exercise swimming, riding a bike or similar.

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    Exercise, play a sport like squash or tennis and cut out the junk food.

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    you can't !! not in a healthy way , and if you do it anyway in an unhealthy way then you gonna put your 2 stone back in few months and another 2 later :(((((

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    first have some exercise...healhty food like fruit and veg....self disipline ...etc good luck

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    What is a stone??!

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