Are there angels among us? ?

Please view the video and tell me your thoughts and feelings about angels, whether you believe this particular incident or not.


Selah: I've always liked that verse from Hebrews. Kinda makes ya want to be charitable to beggars.

Light&Truth: Deep thoughts. Profound.

What: thanks for sharing

Ridge63: Yes, and my angel mother has returned home.

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Wispyspal: I like that thought. Thanks.

Personally, I believe in angels. Certainly God can send personages from heaven to accomplish his purposes, though I believe that such angels look just like mortal men, not distorted reflections or puffs of smoke, etc.

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LOLA: Interesting. Where/how did you come up with your concept of the various divisions/types of angels? Please & thank you.

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    I believe that there are angels on earth - of two distinct types. The first are the reflections of our Heavenly Father that occur in each of his children,and that appear as in a caretaker, a mother or father who nurtures and guidesor a friend who provides support and succor in small ways. Yes, on a more grand scale maybe an angel caught the falling baby- but that is one of the second kind. Why should there not be emissaries from beyond the veil? My thought is that God sent among ohers, the Angel Gabriel to herald Christ's birth, and that angelic visitations were not limited to that dispensation.Surely the people of ancient times were not the only of God's children who could benefit from His help in this way. - Note To those who use the passing of other children to discredit the miraculous gift to another - is that just not real pessimism, besides how dare yo second guess the creator or try to force his hand? It's His choice see the parable of the Master and the vineyard workers.

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    I know there are angles, my family has had two incidences where we could not come to any other conclusions. Baby fell out of 2nd story window onto asphalt below. A man caught the baby, and by the time we went down stairs---30 seconds, the baby was smiling and comfortable on the ground, and the man was nowhere around. Also at a car crash, roll over, two men in white shirts, miles from nowhere, helped, and disappeared. They had no car either.

    By the way, I believe the E.T.s everybody talks about are angles that were kicked out of heaven with Satan, too.

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    It's an unfortunate example of a somewhat respectable news program stooping to the level of "the globe" or similar garbage that passes itself as a newspaper. The economy is getting bad and businesses will do, say, spin anything and everything to stay alive.

    People who believe such nonsense are the same ones who order "miracle creams" from the back of Ladies Home Journal.

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    I do believe in both angels and spirit guides. The difference between them is that angels are the souls that have never been born, and spirit guides are souls who crossed over from our mortal world to the Other Side. I also believe in Spirit Masters - much more evolved energy.


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    Why an angel would decide to save her daughter seemingly on a whim, but not save the millions of other children who need to be saved is beyond me.

    Besides, why is it that whenever people see "angels" nowadays, they don't go to their knees and weep at the sheer beauty of them like they used to in the Christian bible?

    - atheist


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    Basically once you break it all down with quantum physics etc. we're all beings of light. Mass is merely particles of light vibrating at a close frequency, and we're the products of our imagination or possibly collective imagination. At our highest dimension of existence we're basically stars in the cosmos. Or if you read that book of Enoch they removed from the bible "fallen angels" hehe.. I think we got bored in the infinite realm where anything is possible so we created this experience.

    As the famous magician Aleister Crowley said..

    Every man and woman is a star.

    There is no god but man.

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  • I'm sorry, but there are people in need of far more help than that poor little girl. What makes her any better than the millions of innocent children dying every year from starvation, a lack of clean water, and preventable diseases?

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    Hbr 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

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    I believe there are angels, but they are not from God nor are they supernatural.

    Anyway, pictures can be faked. It looks like glare.

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