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what is a good pet store that sells good flight cages?

what is a good pet store that sells good flight cages{ do not tell me petco because there is not any in my city}

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    Don't go for petco. They sell really poor cages and I don't think they sell flight cages. Try Country Roost is a good comany. I bought a cage from them and it is a -good- cage. Their customer service was excellent as well. I've never had a company that sells via the web CALL me personally to make sure my order was correct and that it was being shipped out and they were just confirming my address. Very polite, excellent customer care, and good products. I'm pleased with them.

    (And a plus, they aren't a large chain store like petco! I like patronizing small, and large, privately owned businesses vs chain stores any day!)

    (Oh! And Pics of my cage:

    As you can see it also has parrot designs on the food cup protectors. This wasn't shown or advertised on the website so I don't know if all cages have them, but mine and another person who bought a different cage had them and they are a nice little addition. Makes it very visually appealing)

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    You could get on the Internet and go to amazon or ebay. If you don't want to order over the internet, call all the local pet shops in you city and ask. Also you could go to a bird show when one comes to your area. We have Craig's list on the internet in our town and you meet them whenever you want to give them money and get the cage. Some people let you pick it up ar their house,some don't and want to met you some place else. On Craig's list they sell birds, dogs or clothing. Good luck finding a flight cage.

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    Petco, they have huge cages for really cheap check

    Source(s): I bought cages from petco
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