where can i get a print out of all the clored tubes and what test is used for each tube for a phlebotomists ?

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    Blood collection tubes must be drawn in a specific order to avoid cross-contamination of additives between tubes. The recommended order of draw for plastic vacutainer tubes is:

    First - blood culture bottle or tube (yellow or yellow-black top)

    Second - coagulation tube (light blue top). If just a routine coagulation assay is the only test ordered, then a single light blue top tube may be drawn. If there is a concern regarding contamination by tissue fluids or thromboplastins, then one may draw a non-additive tube first, and then the light blue top tube.

    Third - non-additive tube (red top)

    Last draw - additive tubes in this order:

    SST (red-gray or gold top). Contains a gel separator and clot activator.

    Sodium heparin (dark green top)

    PST (light green top). Contains lithium heparin anticoagulant and a gel separator.

    EDTA (lavender top)

    ACDA or ACDB (pale yellow top). Contains acid citrate dextrose.

    Oxalate/fluoride (light gray top)

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