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being put on hold, how long is too long?

we've all been put on hold. How long do you think is too long? I was asked "could you hold a moment" after 9 minutes and no service I gave up and hung up. I was trying to schedule appointments to see my psychologist. when I worked in customer service I was told to not let anyone wait longer than 2 minutes and if it was going to be longer that I needed to pick up the phone and ask them to wait just a bit longer or offer to call them back. My former boss told me theres something about the magic two minute mark, after that people start to feel annoyed.

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    At my office the phone begins to beep after a caller has been on hold for one minute and if I'm doing reception, I usually pick up and let them know the status - and see if they would rather be transferred to voicemail.

    I wait no longer than 5 minutes on hold, unless I've been warned before time that the wait may be longer because of a good reason.

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    I'd wait around 5 minutes max. After that, i generally call back. When they ask if i'll hold, i simply say. I already did and no one came back. I waited for over 5 minutes, i need to make an appointment. Is someone else there who can help you manage this possibly? They generally then do the work.

    When yo ugo into your psychologist, explain that you were on hold for more than 9 minutes when you finally hung up and were unable to get anyone to give you an appointment. This should help resolve the issue.

    When i worked a busy desk job like that, i would pick up the phone after a minute or two max, ask them for their number and tell them i'd call them back. I would not want them to hang up. When i know i am on a lengthy call in my own business, i ask them to hold for a moment and again, ask for a number to call someone back.

    I do not, generally, wait more than 5 minutes. Unless i know in advance how long the time wait is.

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    I think now even two minutes is too long. When I tak to a customer service rep. they will usually get back to me every 30secs. and ask me to hold for longer.

    Anyways, I dont have a lot of patiencce, but I will hold for about a minute, if the call is not that important or if a friend has put me on hold.

    But if the call is im0portant to you, than I guess beggars can't be choosers.

    But you are right about one thing, any doctor's office is the worst at this, it's almost like the intern's working at the front desk just dont care!!!

    Source(s): That last part about the interns was rhetorical!!!
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  • leissa
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    4 years ago

    Being Put On Hold

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    If I'm calling a small business, any time after 2 minutes, I get aggrivated. With a large company, 3-5 minutes. Sometimes I will hold for a long time (if I cant get right through-like with Dell or any place that has a call center), because its a pain to get to an actual person. After holding for a long time, I will complain and sometimes I will get what I called for plus some. This one time, I was on hold for 14 minutes disputing a charge with a creit card company, I got my interest rate knocked down plus the charge was removed.

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  • MJ
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    1 decade ago

    The 'two minute' rule is very common. It is what seems to be standard for most offices. If things are very busy the receptionist may have simply forgotten you were there but if this happening often it should be brought to the office manager's attention. They should not leave people holding that long. Be courteous when you mention it, but let them know that it happens too often to be an isolated incident and should be addressed with the staff that regularly answers to phone to improve image and customer/client relations.

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    5 minutes tops.

    I occasionally work alone in an office an need to manage 5 lines, a front counter and a Loading dock on my own.

    Sometimes I need to put people on hold, however generally I don't ask if they would mind holding, I usually state "Hi "company", I apologize for the inconvienince however I need to place you on hold for a few moments"

    I found when asking if people would mind holding they would start by saying I won't be too long and then proceed to ask 30 questions, while others hold for 20 minutes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It all depends on what you are waiting for. I'm on 61 minutes and 35 seconds right now with Wells Fargo. I'm trying to correct a mistake that they made that will be detrimental to me, so that really takes the cake.

    It's tough - do I hang up now and try again when there might be fewer people calling? If so, when is that? Is it worth losing my place in line?

    What irks me is the music and the constant, "Your time is very important to us. Someone will be right with you. We appreciate that your time is valuable. Every effort is being made to ensure your wait is as brief as possible. We appreciate your patience. Every effort is being made to make sure your wait is as short as possible. Someone will be right with you." Grrr.

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    I say two minutes is almost excessive, I get frustrated after one minute, because thats enough time for the person on the other end to get distracted and forget about me.

    When I put someone on hold , I periodically pick up to let them know Im still working on whatever it was I put them on hold for.

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  • 4 years ago

    I was on hold to an airline company for 1 hour and 40 minutes and still no answer

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