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What are your thoughts on the four possible Super Bowl matchups?

This is just a matter of opinion. No right or wrong answer. I'm a Packer fan so I'm neutral but here is my rant about what I think about the possible match ups...

The winner of the AFC Championship game will likely be the winner of the Super Bowl in my opinion. Think of the possible match ups....Ravens/Eagles Ravens/Cardinals Steelers/Eagles Steelers/Cardinals.

Ravens/Eagles-This one I could picture being a absolute battle; a game in the upper teens to low twenties that will come right down to the end. Perhaps final seconds or last possesion. In my opinion this would be the best game out of all the match ups.

Ravens/Cardinals-This one could get ugly. If the Ravens defense shows up. This one is over in the first half. All the Ravens would have to do is control time of possesion on offense and get that Cardinal defense tired. Since the Ravens are a shut down defense, I couldn't see the Cardinals doing the same to the Ravens, but you never know. That's why they play the games.

Steelers/Cardinals-This one might actually be a good game in my eye. Both have offenses that have solid weapons that could hurt any defense. That's if they're allowed to of course. Even if the Steelers offense gets shut down by the Cardinal defense, as long as the Steelers defense shuts down the Cardinal offense. I think the odds are with the Steelers on this one. Points will be at a premium. Decided in the final quarter with one team or the other running out of gas towards the end.

Steelers/Eagles-The battle of Pennsylvannia. This one might be the one that gets the most publicity but I could picture this game being a long day for Donovan McNabb and the Eagle offense. I feel that if the Steelers shut down Bryant Westbrook and put pressure on McNabb that the Steelers could just control the ball on offense. It would be up to the Steelers offense to score touchdowns in the red zone. If not, that might be the Eagles chance to stay in the game and keep this one close till the end where anything can happen.


Yes I know, it's Brian Westbrook. I didn't notice it untill after I posted the question.

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  • M O
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    1 decade ago
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    Eagles vs Ravens is probably most intriguing match up.

    Cardinals have a better shot against Pittsburgh then Baltimore.

    Baltimore would beat Arizona bad, Steelers would beat Eagles, Ravens and Eagles are a toss up to me, and Arizona might make it a game against Pittsburgh.

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    Ravens vs. Eagles

    This Superbowl is the most likely to happen. Joe Flacco has been playing alright in the playoffs, but I hate to say it, but Donovan McNabb and his offense have been blazing recently. No matter how good the Ravens defense is, I hate to say it, but the Eagles have a slight edge over the Ravens.

    Ravens vs. Cardinals

    This Superbowl would get the least hype. Non football fans probably have never heard of these 2 teams. But, if it were to happen, I still think after 3 wins with Kurt Warner, the Cardinals would barely defeat the Ravens. This would be a game toward the Cardinals. Joe Flacco wouldn't really be prepared for a Superbowl atmosphere. Larry Fitzgerald would be on fire and make every catch possible. Overall, the Cardinals would have another slight advantage over the Ravens.

    Steelers vs. Eagles

    Whatever about Pennslavania, but once again, I hate to say it, but the Eagles would get all over Ben Roethlisberger all day. No hope for the Steelers defense that day because Donovan McNabb's vision is now better than ever. Overall with the defense and offense of the Eagles, I really hate to say it, but the would have the edge in the battle of the Pennslavania.

    Steelers vs. Cardinals

    Like I said about Kurt Warner against the Ravens, he would do the same thing against the Steelers defense. Troy Palamalu wouldn't be prepared for Larry Fitzgerald. I'm saying this from a perspective of a Cowboys fan, so don't think I hate the Steelers or anything. The Cardinals defense really has been underrated this season and that would come out to play in this one as I give the Cardinals the slight edge.

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    Being biased you know who I think would win against either steelers or ravens. I think the eagles handled the job well at home when the Cards needed to win 1 of their last 6 and played that way. This one's at our house and the team is awake and angry over the "worst play-off team ever" crapola.

    That leaves the SB. Obviously, the east coast teams D better be at their peak because any game that has much scoring by the Cards will go their way. I'm not saying that will happen. The Cards defense is coming off 8 INT in the last two games so there is a lot of confidence to go with the anger.

    I don't think any of the games would be bad. I do have an argument about either SB match-up involving the Cards being lower rated than an all east coast match-up. The Pennsylvania bowl may sound cool in Pennsylvania.

    If the farthest west team involved is from Pittsburgh the west 2/3 of the country is going to have little to care about other than isolated steelers fans maybe. Neither of the others have much following out here.

    The Cards against either makes it something other than a neighborhood bar fight. Those that will watch the SB no matter who is playing would of course watch any of the match-ups.

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    Well, the Steelers always seem to be good in Pittsburgh, but the way the Ravens have been playing, I don't see the Steelers making it out alive even with home field advantage, 13-10 Ravens in an all out brawl of the defenses.

    The Eagles and the Cardinals. HA! Who would have picked this one for the NFC Championship Game. The way both teams have played in the playoffs is incredible so I have no idea who's got this one. I'm rooting for the Cardinals all the way since they usually suck so much and maybe Kurt Warner will finally reitire if he gets another ring.

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  • Mike C
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    1 decade ago

    Man you have some good insight!

    Personally, I like the battle of PA for the Super Bowl. With the Steelers taking the Eagles in what should be a close and awesome game!

    I am sure the NFL is praying for anything BUT Ravens-Cardinals. That would go down as probably the lowest ratings Super Bowl ever

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like the story lines:

    Cardinals/Steelers - the Ken Wisenhunt Bowl

    Eagles/Steelers - the Pennsylvania Bowl

    Eagles/Ravens - the benching of Donovan McNabb Bowl

    I can't think of an interesting side story for Cards/Ravens so that is likely the matchup we'll get. A lot of teams with birds on the helmet still in the running which is great for Ornithological football fans.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would LOVE to see a Cardinals / Steelers Superbowl. I think that would be just an all out awesome game.

    But if it ends up being a Pennsylvania superbowl... That would really be no fun except for the people in Pennsylvania.

  • 1 decade ago

    Eagles vs. Ravens

    Ravens win 20 - 17

  • 1 decade ago

    My prediction Steelers vs. Eagles

    Steelers win 21-9


  • 1 decade ago

    Beings that I'm a super Eagles fan, I'm rooting for them... I'm also from Baltimore, so I'm hoping the Ravens and the Eagles are going to the Superbowl!! It would also be a very defensive game!!

    Fly Eagles Fly!

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