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I need ideas for baby names, I want to name my daughter after her father and his name is Danny?

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    Daniela is a beautiful name for a girl. Dani is also a really cute way to shorten Daniela, but if her father goes by Danny then I'd just call her Daniela or shorten it to Danielle, Elle, Elly, or Ella. Another option would be to name her Dani Elle. Dani for first name and Elle for middle name, but call her by both. Dani Elle is really cute and would still distinguish her from her father. She could also just go by her middle name and there are many names that go with Daniela. Here are some suggestions:

    Daniela Paige

    Daniela Rose

    Daniela Marie

    Daniela Shay

    Daniela Brooke

    Daniela Kayne

    Daniela Cherie

    Daniela Valentina

    Daniela Roxanne

    Daniela Raeann

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    Danielle, Daniela, Danise (like Denise), Danica, Dana or Dannie.

  • Name her Danielle or Daniella, and then her nickname can be Dani, which i think is really cute. Or maybe possibly Danya (said Dana). Or if u want somethin a lil less common u could go with Danica or Danelle. Hope this helps and good luck, :D.

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    Well Danny is a girl and a boy name... but if you want to change it a bit try Danelea or maybe Danica.

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    Do you like traditional names?-Dannielle

    Or non-traditionsl?-DanBrielle

    Darcy, Dannie, Darla, Dana?

  • Danielle, Danika, Dana, Danae.

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    I'm not sure if you know who Anna Nicole is but she had a baby girl name "Dannielynn" Dannie came from her big brother Danny who died as well as his mother. :o)

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  • Danielle or Dani altough Dani is often a nickname of Danielle

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