Do you think that welfare/wic should work this way?

Back in the 50s and 60s, welfare worked very differently. Families that received food stamps were subject to food inspections by state representatives. The reps would come into the home and make sure that only staples were being purchased (generic flour, sugar, lard, etc.) and that nobody else besides the family was consuming the food.

I think this is a good idea because yesterday I was at walmart and the girl (18-20) in front of me purchased a six pack of Dr. Pepper bottles and 2 containers of name brand ice cream (neither of which are staples) and then whipped out her vision card. Then there was me, a single mother, purchasing store brand formula and diapers and paying with hard earned cash. Disparity at its best.


This girl wasn't embarrassed at all. She wasn't ashamed to be paying for her Dr. Pepper with my tax dollars. Shame on her!

Update 2:

justhappy: As a matter of fact, when I was pregnant I didn't get all the food I craved because i was alone and on a budget. Dr. pepper is a WANT not a NEED. it has no nutritional value at all. Welfare is about NEEDS not WANTS. Get it?

Update 3:

jamie's mommy: I have no problem with you being on wic. Your deadbeat left you, and I can understand that. I was abandoned at 14 weeks of pregnancy, but I worked full time and didn't go on public assistance. I worked up until the day I gave birth.

Update 4:

justhappy: You say you husband is hard working, and I believe you. Do you work? If you need help as much as you say you do, maybe you should get a job?

Update 5:

frogfair: How come you don't get off the computer and get a JOB?

Classy, lady. Real classy.

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    I think welfare should require a

    #1)DRUG TEST

    #2) Copies of tax returns or some form of proof of income

    #3) A financial statement (regarding outgoing expenses in correlation of your income)

    #4) A confirmation with the local post office of how many people are actually receiving mail at that address

    #5) And a home inspection

    I think it's total and complete BS that there are druggies out there trading food stamps for dope or selling their 'homeless" hotel vouchers for cash for smokes and bourbon. I have seen it with my very own eyes...and it's disgusting.

    EVERYONE CAN WORK, everyone can do something to better their situation...granted...sometimes we may need a little help...but it should be a LAST RESORT, not a first line of defense for a dwindling budget.

    i don't have a problem with people that really need it, getting assistance. But I do have a problem handing half my own paycheck to daycare so that I can work full time and send the other half of what's left of my paycheck to the government so that someone else can sit on their as$$ at home, collect welfare and not even try to go and get a job and provide for themselves.

    People are too damn entitled, and the government needs to crack down on these programs.

    My mom was a single mom and she managed to bust her butt and pay the rent without assistance, I am a married mother who now lives with family so that we don't have to get assistance even though we both work full time.

    My opinion is that if you can't afford to support yourself...there's a very good chance that you're living outside your means, or you aren't doing enough to support yourself, let alone your child. I know that there are exceptions...but there is an awful lot more abuses to the system than there are exceptions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I definitely know where you're coming from, and I agree, the whole welfare system needs some serious reform. I used to be a Walmart cashier, and it used to bother me greatly to see people buy $300 in groceries on an ebt card when most of it was empty calories. I have no problem with helping out the less fortunate who really need it, but the purpose of food stamps should be, as you put it, to cover necessities, not desires, and people should not be able to buy junk food with tax payers money. What I was especially bothered by, was that many of the ebt customers I saw were severly overweight. The purpose of the system is to encourage healthy quality of life for people, not help them feed a poor habit that's going to end up costing the system more money, by encouraging them to become more obese using tax dollars to buy Dove Bars and Doritos. It seems to me, that if food stamps only covered very basic staple foods, i.e., produce, canned items, bread, milk, etc, with more restrictive purchase rules similar to WIC, rather than allowing them ANY food they want, it would teach them about frugal spending and healthy eating plans and encourage them to use their food stamps and all other money wisely.

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  • 4 years ago

    Because most are just too lazy to be any good. Also the drug use by such people keep them from doing a proper job. Don't get me wrong, there are a "few" that really need the help because they have been forced out of work. But those people don't remain on government assistance for very long. So they don't factor in, Although it is funny that they are forced to continue to receive assistance even after they no longer need it. They call this a transitional period, where if you are need and you file, but then you get a job and are able to support yourself, they will regardless continue to give you free EBT support for a total of 6 months regardless of your income, or if you win millions off the lotto. Talk about a messed up system.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I thought the purpose of WIC was to help promote HEALTHY lifestyles to those that cannot afford to do so on their own.

    Yes, I believe people should be subjected to checks. If you are using the program for what it’s intended, then you wouldn’t object to a little inspection. Or, WIC could only allow you to purchase certain items. Milk, cheese, produce etc.

    If Dr. Pepper is being rung up with a WIC card, it should “decline” since it isn’t an approved food. I know that’s a bit extreme, but think about it….this woman that bought Dr. Pepper isn’t the only person using this the wrong way. I’m sure others have done the same or those that are flat out abusing the system anyways.

    Overall, inspections would prevent fraud and help ensure that those who do need it, are doing so properly. And again, those that are using it as it should be, wouldn’t object to a small inspection.

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  • I totally understand what you are saying. I was on wic and you can only get certain things and it is more about what you need than want, like milk, cereal, juice, eggs etc. I worked at a convenience store that excepted food stamps and these kids (who obviously were not old enough to get them themselves) would come in and buy a crap load of candy, chips, soda.. JUNK! I work and my husband works and I would love to just buy junk when I wanted and still have money to buy food that I needed. I mean I don't necessarily think it has to be store brand things, but I know you can purchase whatever you want as long as it isn't considered a hot food (like fast food or something). And this one woman and a bit of her family came in and where buying a crap load of soda and junk food because the next day they were getting the new months worth of money and didn't want to lose the money they had left over. You shouldn't have money left over where you have to rush to the store and think of what to buy. It is totally messed up and I'm sure not everyone is like that, but in the store I worked in a lot of them were.

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  • nana
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    1 decade ago

    My mom will bring that up at times. When she was a little girl, her dad fell off a 2 story platform at a construction site and broke his back. He had to go on disability and receive public assistance. Her mom (my Grandma) would go and pick up bulk items . . . Flour, sugar, powdered milk, bread, etc.

    I am not against families who really need it. In the case of my Grandpa, he obviously really needed it, and I feel it's right for the government to help families like that. Honestly, there will always be good and bad with these programs.

    The number one issue I have with the WIC program, food stamps and such, are the illegal immigrants who apply and receive these things. Why does my tax dollar pay for illegal immigrants to live and thrive here, when it's hard enough as it is for honest, hard-working, tax paying citizens?

    I live in So. California, so I see this all the time. The few times I went to the public assistance office (I needed Medi-Cal for my son and me) it was packed with moms who all had children screaming and running around. Most of the moms didn't even speak english, or it was very broken. And there they are, opening their hands to receive our tax money. In all honesty, that upsets me . . .

    I'm not against these programs, but I think they need new and better regulated rules.

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    1 decade ago

    I didn't read any of the other posts yet so I could be repeating but here goes.

    I drives me nuts when people abuse the system. However, I don't think it's realistic to do it the way it was back then. Public assistance workers are overworked and underpaid as it is. Let me tell you a story that will make you even more annoyed.

    I was at the grocery store checking out and the man next to me (in self check out) was buying huge new york strip steaks. Then I watched him put a huge bag of shrimp on the scale and weigh it as bananas so it would be MUCH cheaper. Then he whipped out his food stamp card to pay. That made me really mad. I know of a lot of people who take advantage. The only thing we can do is report it. (if we know the specific person) and hope they get kicked off.

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    1 decade ago

    The thing I LOVE to see the when my husband doesn't have work for 2 months (maybe a day here and there) and I try to get foodstamps, just to have food for my daughter! I will starve...she comes first. And they tell me 'you made too much last year, SORRY" ok well...the economy has changed, the weather is HORRIBLE this year (I live in Ohio), and yet we don't qualify because we make $7.00 too much over the limit, and he made too much money LAST YEAR! OO WHATVER!! THEN...I see a little 18 year old in the store...wearing all abercrombie, and D&B purse, Iphone, and whips out her (Ohio Direction Card) to pay for stuff for a party...Chips, pop, dip, junk food LIKE CRAZY. And yet we can't even afford the cheap chips or pop.

    I seriously think you should have to show so many reciepts every month or so when you go in and get evaluated!!! They can make you show 6 months worth of pay stubs, bills, and other receipts..WHY not grocery!??! They should also have a brocure of what you can WIC does!!

    Source(s): Mommy to 21 month old princess...who doesn't qualify for ANYTHING!! and myhusband has been out of work...and before anyone says anything...this FREE! wireless...from some cafe down the street!
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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with you. I know alot of people around where I live sell there food stamps for cash. They should deff. know that if they are giving them that people better have food in THEIR house!

    I actually once got a pretty interseting email once that made me think. It was saying that people on Foddstamps or any other type of program after a 3 month period should have to get drug screenings done at the beginning of everymonth. Now that I agree with!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've never received any type of assistance and I do see your point. But, on the other hand, maybe she's a valid case for assistance and hasn't had a Dr. Pepper in months or years. Who knows. Just a thought. : )

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