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coffee pop vs water and tea?

I drink a pot of coffee and day with alot of vanilla creamer and 2-3 cans of 7up if i switch it to tea with skim milk and a tsp of sugar twice a day and lots of water do i have a good chance of losing weight? I am 28 and feel like im 60 and 50lbs over weight is that a good start?


I am not able to consume ANY asparteme i have not had any aspartame in my diet for a year and have since come OFF all my anti-depressents me and asparteme dont't work i am also starting the gym tonight with a support group i don't wanna be skinny i just wanna look good and be HEALTHY :)

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    YES!!!!! omg yes!!! Try splenda though, zero cals.

    Anyway, coffee makes you retain Not to mention it messes with your organs... soda is HORRIBLE for you.. not to mention completely wasted calories... again water retaining... Water helps flush out all the bad in your system, as does green tea (which has great antioxidants). Plus both are filling.

    Even if you weren't over weight i would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ANYONE to make these life changes for their health.


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    Honestly, you will probably lose 15-20 lbs in a year if you cut out those habits ( and that's just cutting those 2 things ). If you combine that with a healthy diet and exercise, you could really lose serious weight.

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    It's a good start but over a year it will probably only help you lose about 5 lbs. You will need to do a lot more - diet / exercise if you want to lost 50 lbs.

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    The key for losing weight is simple - consume less food and move more - the difficulties surface when we actually try to put that into operation! There are loads of stumbling blocks out there don't you think?! The one thing which definitely worked for me is wu-yi tea, it can be checked out in the resource box underneath, they have a few free trials in stock, it has been highlighted in Fox News and USA Today. I lost thrity pounds, it definitely does produce results!

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    That is a good start. You would probably faint if you knew how much calories were in what you are drinking with no nutritional value.

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