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When is a good weekend to go snowboarding in Lake Tahoe/ Truckee?

I've been dying to go snowboarding, but the weather out here on the west has been warmin' up! I usually hit up Boreal park in Truckee since it's close to home here in the bay. I was planning to go this MLK weekend, but I may just cancel. Does anyone know a good time to get soft fresh snow up in tahoe/truckee???

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    the day after the storm. thats the only way to get powder but im going on mlk weekend to squaw and they have cornice so its pretty good. id come up here. ps squaws a better mountain and northstar has a better terrain park.

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    Anytime between now and March is pretty much guaranteed to have good snow. After that, April should be OK, but there's a greater chance of rocks poking through in the middle of runs. Past that, its a crap shoot for how good it'll be.

    The weather forecast for the next several days is for sun and moderate temps. I haven't been to Boreal, but all the other resorts have had good coverage. If I were you, I'd head up any way.

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    I like to go for spring break in March. But if you are looking for fresh pow you may want to go up sooner.

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