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I'm trying to lose weight, but i wanted to know how i can hide my "muffin top"?

I am currently trying to lose about 20 pounds that were gained from a birth control pill. While i try to lose weight, i was wondering what clothes i can wear that will hide my "muffin top". I have bulges on my sides that hang over my pants. It's really embarassing and makes it hard to buy clothes. I try not to buy low rise jeans but even normal pants seem to show it. What can i wear that will hide it?

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    I'm glad you want to find ways to hide it. Too many girls still continue to wear tight shirts and belly shirts when they probably shouldn't.

    Looser fitting clothes and baby doll type shirts help a lot.

    Horizontal stripes, especially thick ones show curves a lot more so try to avoid those.

    Solid colors like black help a lot too but basically the looser the bottom of the shirt is the better.

    Also jeans that are too tight in the waste will make your "muffin top" look bigger.

    Good luck!

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    I have a suggestion you may not like. Why not wear jeans that don't give you muffin top. The wrong pair of jeans can give anyone a muffin top. It's not necessarily your hips that are the problem. Your other option is liposuction. Every female on planet earth has a fat pad below their naval, just as every woman has breasts made of fat. If you have boobs, you probably have the typical fat pads on the lower belly and over the hip bones. There is no cure for this except to lose fat to an unhealthy percentage or get it sucked out with liposuction. There is a reason why breast implants are so popular in Hollywood, it's because women lose all the fat on their bodies and leave their boobs deflated and gross. Those who have natural boobs and no fat below the waist had it sucked it out with lipo. Very few women are naturally low fat below the waist and don't have implants. I don't know of any, to be honest. Anyway, you could buy jeans that fit you properly. Your weight is actually optimal for your height, if you are lean. If you are overfat, you could lose 10 pounds, but it will come off from everywhere....your jeans will fit, but you' risk losing your boobs. Maybe it's time to make the move to even sizes? Try a Misses size 4 or 6 as they are cut differently than juniors sizes. If you are into designer jeans, buy the jeans that are sized by your actual measurements. =)

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    First, get some 'spanx' they are amazing for smoothing your midsection... then try empire waist lines on dresses, and also tops with a similar style (with a seam right under your breasts).

    This look can hide quite a bit underneath, and it works because it is a popular look even for those with nothing to hide (my muffin top is totally gone but I still wear these flattering tops), also tops that 'wrap around' can work well for hiding belly lumps.

    Also, try some higher waisted pants if you can do so comfortably, I was attached to my low-rise pants as a size 2 & 4, but a higher waist helped me look slimmer when I was a size 6 & 8.

    Finally, choose quality fabrics, high quality cottons tend to hold a nicer shape when being worn than slinky, clingy, acrylics which can hug and highlight little bulges.

    The spanx can be a little pricey, but you will still love them once you've lost the weight, they are great for smoothing underwear lines and make jeans wearable in the summertime (prevent chaffing)! they are well worth the 30-50 bucks!

    Good luck!

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    Well, the first thing is the pants you are wearing may be too tight and accentuating your muffin top. Try going a size up and although they may feel bigger it will look better. To hide an unsighlty waist it is best to wear an umpire waisted shirt. What this is, is a shirt that is pulling in at the smallest part or your waist (usually around right under your boobs) and then moving away from your body. Also you can try the same idea of an umpire waist in a short dress and then wear leggings underneath it and it will give the same effect.

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    Shirts that are fitted at the top and flare out at the bottom are a good bet; you wont feel like you're wearing a tent, either. Skirts are your friend right now too, since a lot of different types of shirts can be worn over them. A vest worn over other a shirt is helpful too--just make sure it's long enough.

    Avoid anything cropped and certainly any low-waisted paints for a while. Invest in at least one pair of jeans that are longer-waisted, so you don't have to resort to wearing low-waisted ones for a while.

    Good luck with everything.

    Source(s): have dealt with same problem after having 3 kids...
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    Well lucky for you styles have evolved far away from the super-tight show-some-skin in the past few years. Nowadays you can find cute baby-doll tops for fairly cheap! Anything that cinches under your bust then flares gently out will accentuate your bust line and take the focus off of your stomach/hip area. Also, there are some great over-sized sweaters out this season. You can easily add a belt to one to make it more tailored to fit your look. As for jeans/bottoms, I would recommend buying one size bigger in a couple of pairs. I know that you will lose the weight, but until that time you want to be comfortable when you walk out of the house. For the time being try to pull the attention off of your waist and on to more prominent features you have.

    Good luck losing the weight!

    PS - I've added some links for easy access to some fashions that you could try!

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    Go with a size up in the jeans that you wear, and just pull them in with a belt (not to tight so the pudge doesnt show, but just enough so they dont fall down.)

    Also, drapey tops look nice, there are a lot at Urban Outfitters.

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    Here's the solution.

    Make sure you measure right and don't get it too small or you'll be in agony.


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