how does turbo tax compare to other tax preparation?

I did my taxes at H&R block and it costs alot of money doing it that way. Can anyone tell me how I can do my taxes and get the best result's. I want to try turbo tax, can someone tell me if it is worth using? And have you tried the free version on the web? They have other choices but you have to pay for them. are they better? Is the one you buy in the store any good?I know i ask alot of questions but times are getting tough and i know that if someone out there has tried this it just might help someone like me. THANKS I use the 1040. my income is 26,000 approx, and can you claim a 19 year old still in school not living at home but you still support?


She goes to job corp. and gets paid only a few dollars for going to school. she has to claim her own tax return can i still claim her.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    log into click on free file link it is simple to file your own taxes and free if you make less than 34K a year.I use turbo tax and it is easy.It won't be available until Jan 16 Try it They give you lots of options but i chose turbo tax and to file your state tax is 9.99 payed with a credit card.Your son is still a dependent

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