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Surabaya Virus and .scr system folders?

i succesfully removed surabaya virus and its notice at the start up but system folders like c:\windows, c:\program files etc have an extension name which is .scr it also looks for "thumbs .db" when im tryin to open these folders. all folders have a size of 40.0K which really isnt really their size


i'm currently using avira and planning to use clamwin i hope it works

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    it sounds like you havent completely removed this infection. That is totally weird though, because i know files that have an extension of .scr are screen saver files. sounds like you need to scan with some different products. what are you using currently to combat this situation. this is an odd infection seeing how it has renamed your folders. That is the case for a true virus though. and windows file protection NEVER came up and said some files have been altered? I would think that that would have happened seeing how windows folder has an extension of .scr. wow that totally sucks. It pays to have good protection. At this point I would just reformat and do a fresh install. avira free edition isnt worth dick. i have it on my machine in a disabled state.

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