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Isn't Puttin the Toughest Dude in the World?

I mean He's a Former KBG Leader and he's probably killed men with his bear hands unlike Bush or Cheney who have others do their dirty work. I know most Americans think Ben Laden or Ahmadinajad are scary, but I think Puttin is the toughest scariest SOB on the Planet.

Americans don't understand how bad @ss Russians are.

Any American who thinks that Americans are as tough as Russians should get into the ring, cage, or octogon with this Russian guy and they'll get an attitude readjustument REAL fast(if they're still alive that is).

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Puttin has 20,000 Thermonuclear Weapons and ICBMs, how many do these other so called tough guys you mention have?

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    Putin may well be tougher than Obama or Bush, but that does not support your argument that russians are tougher than Americans. You really believe that there are not ex-CIA guys the same age as Putin that couldn't beat him down?

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    Ok look at all the CIA and military people that turn into mercenaries, that stuff isn't just movies is real..... Putin might be a great leader and might know Judo but there are thousands of American that could kill him in seconds bare handed.

    Actually I think Fidel is the toughest leader still living though eh night be old the guy has killed hundreds and took over an entire government or even Hugo Chavez anyone of these and many more would probably kill him someway before Putin even reaches him.

    But on worlds most dangerous politicians Mirko Filipović by far


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    How old are you..... 13 ? "Any Americans who think they are tough should get in the Octagon with a Russian" That is by far the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. But Yes I will agree Putin is a bad mother f*ck*r. And yes as a former KGB head he probably has killed men with his bare hands, but it's much easier to kill someone with your bare hands when someone tied them to a chair first. And that isn't really all that tough is it?

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    Sure I'll take him on just let me train the same as he did for several years and I can kick the crap out of him no problem.

    What you think he's magically more gifted? The only reason he's tough is because he was trained his whole life to fight get person put him through the same training regiment as Putin and he can beat the guy.

    No one is invincible.

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  • Mike
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    Even the toughest Russian can't outrun a bullet Sal, Arrogance and ego isn't very becoming bud .

    As you were solider

    God bless

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    Putin may very well be all you claim. I do not know the man. But no matter how big and tough you are, or THINK you are, you aren't bullet proof.

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    What about me?

    I am not Chop Liver, and I am certain I can take Putin in a fist fight.

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    Love him or hate him, things in Russia have improved under his reign. He's done good things and he's done bad things; it all depends on what side of the fence you are looking at it from.

    And re Princess saying he's crazy. I would say he is rather wise actually. Trusting oneself over all others.

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    PUTIN actually is a black-belt, too. Yeah, he could probably beat up most world leaders in hand-to-hand, but Obama could school him in a game of hoops.

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    You see his interview with Matt Lauer a long time ago?

    Matt: Do you trust the Bush administration?

    Putin: Trust? No....The only person I trust is myself.

    That guy is f***in' crazy.

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