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Israel statements...?

Hey everyone, i made this account because I did not want to drag politics into my other account.

THis is basically me venting after spending half an hour reading the Israel section.

First off my father is israeli and so are many of my cousins. Currently I am a canadian citizen.

Israel has been attacked ruthlessly since its LEGAL becoming of a nation in 1948.

THere were many terrorist attacks on israel over the years and the death toll has added up. Suicide bombers strap bombs to themselves and blow up buses, explosives are planted in buses, these are all Citizenn filled areas.

Terrorist organization Hamas begins firing rockets into israel. These attacks are coming from gaza an area which Israel just gave up in 2005. Hamas terrorists hide themselves in schools and civilian homes, some of the civilians are even willing to help.

There are cities in Israel which receive constant incoming rockets with a code red alarm becoming a part of everyday life. Of course the attacks are aimed at civilians.

Tell me, if New YOrk was being attacked by Canada do you think the US government would sitback and do nothing?

Now I understand there are 2 sides to every story but what really scares me is all this hatred towards the Jews because of negative thoughts of israels actions.

6 million Jewish people died in the holocaust, 1.5 million of these were children. For anyone to say anything pro killing jews in the holocaust is incredibly offensive and disturbing. Do you really want another 6 million dead?

Oh and FYI there are some Jewish people who arent even zionists. THey believe that whenn we are worthy god will give us Israel (I am not one of them)

Please tell me your comments on everthying I have written and tell me any details i mite have missed because i do realize that this is extremely biased but i defend israel all the way and one day soon I am thinking about moving there to serve in the military.

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    Extremely biased, to say the least.

    Israel is a religious and racist government, period. The whole concept of modern Zionism and the Jewish homeland was begun by Theodor Herzl in the 1890's, and Israel was created out of that. Contrary to what many Americans think, Israel was not a barren plain devoid of people before the Jews came. The area was settled by the ancestors of the Palestinians thousands of years before Abraham was even born, and the Palestinians were there when the Jews began to move to the area after WWI, primarily in the 1920's and 1930's. The area was controlled by the British, who tried to control the increasing amount of Jews moving to the area, since they were already beginning to push the Palestinians out of the region. There were even Jewish terrorist groups that were carrying out terrorist acts against the Brits, the Palestinians, and even other Jews. In fact, one of the worst terrorist acts ever committed in the region was the Kind of David Hotel bombing, which killed 91 people and injured 46. The terrorist group that committed the act, called the Irgun, was led by a man who would later be a Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin.

    Who says terrorism doesn't work?

    Israel is the very center and the source of conflict in the Middle East, and it's supported by it's only ally, the United States. The rest of the entire planet DOES NOT support the actions of Israel and the fact that the US supports it, both militarily, politically, and financially. But Israel carries on suppressing the Palestinian people and creating conflict in the Middle East because they know they have the backing of the "Greatest Democracy in the World".

    And then Americans wonder why 9/11 happened.

    If you really would like to know what's going on with Israel and the relationship it has with the US, I'd recommend reading "The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy" by Mearsheimer & Walt. Mearsheimer is a professor of Pol Sci at the University of Chicago and Walt is a professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, so the book is very well researched and unbiased. The problem is that in the world today, anytime you say something negative about Israel, you're automatically label and "Nazi" or anti-semetic. So people end up being afraid to say anything negative about Israel, when they should be speaking up.

    Source(s): Ex-US Army Cav Scout NCO & BA in Pol Sci
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    i don't believe that the Palestine's want peace because when you gave them land back in 2005 they did not stop there attacks and continued them when israel was out of there territories i think that israel must not give them nothing it wont stop anything some Palestine believe that all israel is Palestine and the only way to get peace is to give a portion of land back to jordan and the gaza to egypt to rule

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    Well generally I support israel.

    But Israel needs to withdraw from the westbank also.

    That would give them the moral high ground.

    Then any attacks by the palestinians, would have no justification.

    As long as israel is still occupying palestine land,

    They don't have that high ground.

    And the israeli government considers all the west bank to be palestinian land, even the land with settlements.

    because they do not include that land on any maps of israel, as isrreali land.

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