PLC's with free software?

Are there any PLC's with free software. All I need are digital I/O. I ask because I've used Delta Comp. motion controllers and know their software is free but they are more advanced than I need for this project.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can try Telemecanique stuff. There are Zelio and Twido controllers (Twido more advanced) which probably have their software free (you still need to purchase cables to connect to PC). Zelio (smart relay) and its counterparts in other brands (like Moeller) are programmable using keys and LCD screen on it. You can also try Omron PLC (any) and get a copy of CX ONE cd set - demo version; you can use the software for free for one month and it is fully functional during that time. And you can program ANY Omron PLC (huge range for different applications) including HMI panels, servo drives etc.

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