Did Israel and America watch the real news?

Everyday in the news stated on how many innoncent children and women killed by israel troop in Gaza.

It was really confusinf when israelian does not show any sympathty or empathy on them. And why did america did not agree witht he resolution to stop the war even it is obvious that is it a genocide that against the humanity rules.

Did i the only one receive the real situation on Gaza or israelian receive different propaganda or news?

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    No of course not. America is run by Jews and guess who they support? The Israelies killed almost 1000 People and several thousand are terrible wounded so far. Most of them are CHILDREN!!!

    In comparisons, "only" 14 Israelies died so far. This war is not fair and the Israelies are doing the same thing what happend in WWII.

    They are trying to eliminate a whole group of people and this time it is even worse because they are killing and fighting against mostly children. I hope they get it back on their devilish mission. I am about to throw up just thinking about those Israelie devils.

    Source(s): I read and watch international news and follow this since years.
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    i don't know about Fox news giving the whole story, it has a biased past where israel is concerned. so those just tuning in- hate to break it to you, but it has been confirmed that israel broke the cease fire, and so Hamas retaliated and now there getting butchered. What you also might not see from the media is that Hamas is not an organized (stress on the word organized) group. it is basically a rebellion, a movement. it is a political party but the so called Hamas that israel is targeting is just a bunch of men who tried to find ways to preserve their way of life and fight for their right to live. otherwise the news your watching is a pretty good picture of what's happening. i usually listen to many different sources for my news and then piece together the parts the sound the most sound.

    the other side of the story


    Source(s): i agree with the guy under me :-) check it out!
  • Sarah*
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    1 decade ago

    I watch BBC so I saw that today.

    Most American news is propaganda, especially Fox news. CBS and ABC are liberal news stations, I think, but they tend to be more neutral in the Israel Gaza problem or if they did say their beliefs, they would be in trouble A lot of things are censored in American media. Even they don't tell the real story.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well have you heard about all the rockets Hamas shot hitting and killing many people and one I recall even hit a school...are you not hearing about this?Not to mention all this happened before Israel even went in to stop the rockets.And who are you kidding ..when hasn't civilians been involved in a war?!?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's hard to feel sorry for people who just never learn. And they've had millenniums.

    Choose to be civilized.

    Just say no to cave dwelling.

  • 1 decade ago

    News cameras are not allowed by Israeli soldiers. Blackout, only flashes and smoke from a distance. NYT story says they are using DIME explosives on the population to experiment. Causes cancer later.

  • bill
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    1 decade ago

    Last news I got was Hamas was getting the **** kicked out of them by the Zionists.Did something change?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know, I just watch whatever Fox, CNN, etc broadcast their news. Real or not? I've no idea.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Major Israeli atrocities against Palestinians (and Lebanon again too since 2006) keep repeating themselves almost every other year--but nothing is ever done about it!

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