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I hate pooping! help?

Before I start this is kinda gross so sorry in advance:

I really hate pooping, like sometimes ill try to hold it till its impossible to not go. It started almost 2 years ago because my parents traveled for a year and my little brother came to stay with me. (i was 18 at the time and he was 16) He shared my bathroom and peed allover (like seriously allover it looked like he tried to cover the seat the floor and sometimes the wall) it was so disgusting and whenever I asked him to clean it up he refused. (i talked to my parents and told me they would try to take care of it but obviously they can make my little brother aim is penis to the toilet from asia) I was going to college with a full load of classes and had an exhausting part time job the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was scrub up some1 elses pee. So whenever I had to poo I had 2 stand up with my feet far out to the side of the toilet (not an easy thing to do) and over time my head just started telling me I didn't want to poop. Now he is back(my parents are writers and my mom is on a book tour this time) I still havent been able to get over the not wanting to poop till I have to thing, now I have 2 bathrooms so it will be better though. How can I learn to hate poos less (i know weird question) and could i have gotten anything wrong with my insides from holding it so much? Would it be a good idea to take something such as exlax once a week to try to clean out because I don't think ill get over the pooping thing right away?

(btw I have no other problems with my brother except for this so dont make mean comments like kick is *** out or anything)


main facts: bad situations made me really dislike pooping hold it to much now, how could that effect me? any good ways 2 make pooping less of a dislike? should i take ex-lax or something regularly to try to flush whatever might be left?

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    To increase your desire to poop, do something you enjoy such as eat sugar or masturbate or something every time you poop. This will condition you to poop based on the Pavlov's dogs psychological experiments and help you get over your dislike of pooping.

    Not defecating can cause a backup, but it won't cause any damage normally, and if it does you'll know it because it'll feel like you've been stabbed. Normally though you would crap in your pants before it did any damage.

    No, don't take ex-lax unless you just like to.

    Source(s): Introduction to Psychology at Fairmont State University
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      Did you just say masturbate? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLX

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    Is this a serious question? If yes, what a strange dilemma you have there.

    If your brother is still peeing all over the bathroom, seriously, try talking to him. Dont get angry or be aggressive. Try to stay calm.

    Make a joke of it. Tell him you have to stand up to poop so as to avoid landing in his pee. Then tell him in all seriousness that it makes you a bit sick. It's not fun having to come home to pee all over the bathroom and how would he feel if he had to clean up someone elses urine?

    Seriously though, that is disgusting. I know you love your brother, but he needs a wake up call! I mean, he's not 3yrs old. Honestly, he is more than capable of aiming correctly, so why doesn't he? What does he do when he's at other peoples houses. Imagine what would happen if he brought home a girlfriend and then did that. If he is still doing this, he really needs to grow up and have a bit of respect...for himself as well as others.

    Now as far as your concerned...pooping is completely natural. Everybody does it and it's not something that is going to go away with time. When you need to go, your going to have to relax. Just remember pooping is healthy. Holding it in is very unhealthy for you're body. Trust me, it's better out than in! It's also going to be a much easier trip to the toilet if you do it sooner rather than later.

    I am not saying this in a mean way at all...but this issue is in your head. Mind over matter, that's all you need to remember.

    Each time you need to poop, just think to yourself it's no big deal, everybody does it, better out than in ect. Tell yourself to relax & stop being silly. Remember that it's all in your head & your mind will overcome it.

    Good luck with your future pooping ventures!

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    Warning: Equally graphic response:

    Plenty of people have a dislike for bowel movements (bm's). I have Crohn's Disease which can cause diarrhea that goes on for more than half an hour at a time up to 20 times a day when I'm having a really bad flare. So, believe me, I don't like bm's.

    That being said, it's one of those things you have to do. If you hold it in you are likely to become constipated which can lead to hemorrhoids and anal fissures (bloody openings in the anus). Unless you want to have a colostomy (a bag that opens through a surgical hole placed in your abdomen that you empty of excrement instead of having it exit your body via the normal way) you need to get over your anxiety. Becoming dependent on a laxative is not good for your body.

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    Sounds like you have post traumatic poop syndrome. You could try decorating your bathroom in colours that you find calming and make the room more a personal and comfortable space. You may want to try relaxing in the bathroom, and just make a habit of spending alittle non evacuation time reading a book or looking pictures. You have to relax, and not think about the pooping, and just let nature take it's course. Good luck.

    Source(s): Try to desensitize yourself from the stress and discomfort brought on by what happened. Yeah you need to take back your ackhem.... thrown.
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    Holding it in when you have to go is not good for you. There is a reason it's called "waste" - it needs to go! If you really wait too long - I mean, WAY too long - it can cause serious complications.

    Don't take ex-lax for it- you aren't constipated. You're self-inducing not going! If you abuse laxatives your intestinal muscles will eventually weaken and it will make going harder and harder.

    I'm not sure what exactly could help you get over it. You have two bathrooms - designate one for his use only so you will at least have the clean one to use. Keep warning yourself of the dangers of not going. It really could get serious.

    It's not normal to dislike pooping enough to force yourself to hold it as long as possible, but I'd imagine its more normal to dislike pooping in general rather than enjoy it...

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    The title had me thinking I would make a silly joke, but in fact I just want to wish you luck in overcoming your condition. I'm searching yahoo answers for ridiculous poop questions even though I have an exam tomorrow.

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    you have a severe worry of germs! placed sparkling rest room paper down on the seat and then take a seat on it. Thats the way you employ a public rest room! Then flush once you open the stall door to flow away so as which you would be able to flush and get faraway from it quickly. confident continuously flush! it quite is impolite to no longer flush.

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    First off all, its just pee, take a wad of toilet paper an wipe off the seat.

    Now, in order to enjoy a good crap, do stuff you enjoy while you crap! Personal, I like to take my GBA or a comic book to the bathroom with me an play a game or read. My mom takes the news paper. Some times I will sneak a dirty magazine in an give my penus a good rubbing until I get a feeling in it while I poop. When I am home alone or my parents is gone an its just me an my sister, I will make up poop songs an sing them. Also, think about all the actual poop fun you can have! Keep a poop journal an measure an weigh your terds after each dump. I ise to make action figures from my terds an have poop wrestling matches in the toilet bowl. Final, consider crapping with the door open an stinking up the whole house, its fun to see how far the stench can go after you take a crap. Hope this helps real good!

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    Get a spray bottle that has cleaning agents and spray and wipe before you sit down. Pooping is a part of life you can't avoid it. I personally prefer to hold it till I get home because I hate pooping in public restrooms. Home is my comfort zone.

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    you would hate being me, i literally poop like 5 times a day at a minimum... not exaggerating

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