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Should I still Be friends With Her?

ok, so I have this friend, named Ashley we call her Ash for short. I also have another friend, Sydney, u know like the city. so me and Sydney are lik bestest friends and we are with Ash to but the thing is shes lik a wanna-be. lik shes obsessed with the latest stores abercrombie, hollister, american eagel, and aeropastale. me and sydney shop their but were not as into it as her.

she also wants to be super skinny im like not fat but lik not super skinny and this was just rude: so we were at dance practice for this play (all 3 of us) and we were picking a team captin there where 2 finalists a skinny girl and a fat girl. the skinny girl was bad but the other girl was good but ash was lik "lets vote for molly (the skinny one) the other girl is lik............................... a party pooper". dont u think tats mean, i voted for the other girl though and the other girl won anyway.

so Sydney had tickets to see britney spears in march and lik she took me and her mum said she cant take 2 ppl so we cant take ash.

so we brake up ash and we give her 1 more chance and she blows it. and sydneys dad gave us 200 dallors each (not jokin hes a lawyer) to go shppin we spent half today and r goin back friday, but we dont want to rub it in or anything to make her feel bad.

What should I do????

should i still be friends with Ash?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You shouldn't be friends with her. Just let her know what she is doing before you do break up. I have always known that "you become what your friends are!" So just move on without her.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes, but not best friends.

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