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How much is this Honda Civic worth?

It is a 1998 Honda Civic Ex.

Blizzard A/C, HOT heat.

201K Miles.

power everything, sunroof works great.

no major body damage(scratch and a ding or two.), new carpet

recently installed.

only performance mods are CAI, header, and catback exhaust.

exterior/interior mods include 17" ADR rims, and cf shift boot.

link to picture is here,,



I'm selling this car btw..

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    first answer is wrong.

    ivtecpakiness83 has it right

    it is worth $3000-3500 estimate.

    some for less than $3k like this one

    this one is $3600 and it has 136k miles.

    yours is about 2800-3400 approx. with your mileage.

    Source(s): i own one similar to yours just one year newer.
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    Resale value is around $5,000. The mods won't add to that value enough to make a difference. Yes 17" rims are expensive, but since they may not be what the buy wouldn't want you can't add them with the resale cost. If you looking to buy that car i would offer about $3500-$4000 or bargain with the seller for lower.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this car is not worth 5,000 like the other guy said... 201,000 miles is a lot even for a honda your car is worth around 3000-3500

  • MH
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    1 decade ago

    mods won't change the resalve value.

    for 200k probably for 1000 to 4000 max.

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    I'd say about $3,000. It'd be worth $4,000 if it had much less miles, no mods, and was in excellent condition.

  • Rich Z
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    1 decade ago

    You can find it on here very precisely if you give an accurate description of condition and of whehter it is for resale or a tread in

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