Can you get into arkansas state university with a GED?

Will a state university (specifically Arkansas State University Jonesboro) accept someone with a GED? I am intelligent and have an IQ of 178, however, personal problems are keeping me from graduating high school. I am about to take the ACT, and based on other tests I have taken my estimated score is 24 to 28. Maybe higher since the tests this estimation is based on is about a year old.


Appologies. The before mentioned IQ was a typo. 158 is the correct number. These cell phone keys are a bit tiny.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    It looks like a GED is O.K. for admission. Are you sure about the 178 I.Q.? Einstein allegedly had an I.Q. of 160.

  • borgen
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    3 years ago

    you are able to attend some community colleges without extreme college degree or GED. i'm attending la Pierce college and could be receiving my 2nd AA degree quickly, additionally i visit be moving to Cal State college Northridge, all without H.S. degree or GED. only Sayin.

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