United Nations............?

1) Can someone explain to me how the U.S. was not a part of the League of Nations?

2) Why is it neccesary for the U.S to be part of the UN

3) History of the United Nations and how it is ineffective.

If anyone knows any of these, or any imformation that goes along with this I would greatly appreciate it!<3

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    well....i really don't hav da rite answer for da 1st one....but i can answer da 2nd one-b'coz da UN is situated in USA in new york....an da history is dat.......first world war one came b'coz of da jealousy of da industralised nations lik...germany,france,englan and so on...they wanted thier own empires 2 grow.....dats y world war I happen and it lasted for over 4 years.....then came da league of da nations....but as u kno it failed....then world war IIbroke in 1939......the reasons were same as world war I.....after USA dropped 2 atomic bomb in 2 japanese cities-hiroshima and nagasaki.....then da UNITED NATIONS was born in da year 1994 on 24 october....a set of rules called da charter of united nations was made on a confrence in San Francisco,USA...50 memeber countries signed...2day 180 coutries are members of da UN....since 1994 da UN has tried 2 solve many conflicts between nations....whenever theres a danger of war da UN sends a millitary force called da Piece Keepin Force 2 prevent war.....da main aims of da UN is 2 maintaine peace and security in da world.......there are some other aims too,besides trying 2 solve problems between 2 nations....the UN also.....encourage respect 4 da freedoma n rites if all human beings........it believes that progress and developmentin all nations will lead 2 lasting da world peace.....therefore it helps poor countries with thier development......it also helps 2 improve eduacation n these countries.....it helps in preserving environment....thats alll da information i could give....i hope it helps.....

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    @ "Olmert Brags About Embarrassing Rice in UN Gaza Vote "

    "Taking a short break from lashing out at the international media for reporting the growing civilian death toll in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke in detail about the events leading up to the US abstention from the United Nations Security Council’s vote on the Gaza Strip ceasefire.


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    1. Congress didn't pass the bill that would of made the US part of the LON

    2. The failure of the LON are addressed in the UN and in order for it to be effective the US (one of the two superpowers during the time of the Cold War) must participate to ensure that communism (one of their main concerns at the time) to spread.

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    I would read the UN Wiki article...


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    sure someone can do that, not me. 2 cents thx

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