What is the difference between a Toyota Tacoma sr5 and prerunner?

What is the difference between a tacoma sr5 and a prerunner? I've seen a few very different looking tacomas, and there is one I like but don't know what exactly it is. Pretty much any information about these trucks would be appreciated.

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    for Toyota, the SR5 designation is a certain level of trim which varies somewhat depending on which vehicle it is on and what model year the vehicle is (the Tacoma is one of the vehicles Toyota offers the SR5 trim on, the Tundra would be one of the others).

    Usually, SR5 includes options such as power windows and locks, keyless entry, cruise control air conditioning, single CD player and some type of upgraded interior. There may also be additional body moldings and those may be in color and a different rim/tire combination.

    A PreRunner simply means the Tacoma has a 6 cylinder engine, but it is only rear-wheel drive.

    PreRunners are not 4WD and are not available with a 4 cylinder engine.

    The PreRunner will have a larger tire/rim combination like a 4WD model.

    Prerunners usually have an SR5 trim package and may come in regular or extended cab configurations, depending on the model year.

    Prerunners are easily identified by the Prerunner badging on the tailgate, or if that has been removed, by the absence of a 4WD shifter/turn dial in the interior of the cab.

    A Tacoma may have the SR5 trim and may be a regular or extended cab, but be a 4 cylinder, 2WD or 4WD model.

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    Source(s): I teach about hybrids and advanced tech for Toyota.
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      @professorprius - That is the best answer I have read thus far on Tacoma questions concerning the different models and trim packages. I've looked on Tacomaworld.com (forum), all the answers I saw looked like everyone was just "best guessing". Great job, bro. Thanks.

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    Tacoma Prerunner

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    They are both Tacoma's and sr5 is an option package while tacoma pre=runner is height of 4wd while Tacoma 2wd does not come in sr5 and is low to ground.

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    First off the "toyota tech" above who said prerunners don't come with the 4cyl engine in wrong. My aunt bought a Tacoma prerunner new in 2001 and it has a 4cyl and it is 4wd.

    And the main differences are the prerunner means it comes with a different differential, and possible drive line. And SR5 is mains just the looks of the vehicle. TRD would be a combination of looks and performace.

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    the professor is wrong, i just sold a 2000 prerunner and it was only a 4 cylinder,,,,,,i just looked at a 2014 tacoma and it was four wheel drive and a 4 cylinder

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    i have a 2000 tacoma prerunner 3.4liter extended cab rwd,i need to replace the bilstien shocks and struts..the suspension is like a 4wd, which one do i get?

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    an sr5 has a few extras like cd player, a/c, power seat, auto drivers side window, daytime running lights (orange parking lamps), and a few other small goodies.

    the prerunner package basically gives you a wheel and tire combo along with a 4wd height SUSPENSION. it is available in combination with the TRD package, if im not mistaken.

    maybe also come with different gear ratios, im not 100 percent sure on that one though.

    Source(s): previously owned an 06 tacoma sr5 prerunner
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    2wd only, but my 99 has a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine.

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    Rocco is wrong pre runner is 2wd only it looks like it is 4wd professo is right and has my vote

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