What ever happened to real Black women in the music industry who talked about real stuff?

I'm so tired of these fakes like Rhianna and Beyonce. I truly honestly think that people hype them up because they are light-skinned and Beyonce shakes her *** to sell records. Where are all the real females like Alicia Keys, Erkayh Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, India Arie? They actually are real Black women who I can relate to and they are more talented and have better lyrics than Beyonce and RhiRhi. Honestly? Beyonce sucks, sorry. I've never been a fan.I never liked her in Destiny Child either because that was grimy what she did to those other girls. Plus I heard that Matthew Knowles used to make the other girls tan in the group so Beyonce can look lighter.She's just a plain looking light skinned chick who can sing some notes and shake her butt. Rhianna is just a wannabe model trying to sing when she can't. She can't sing. The soul singers of the 60s and 70s would blow her skinny butt away. I don't see what the big deal is. I find it funny that a lot of these light skinned Black women can breeze easily through the music industry while it hard for the darker chicks or the chicks with natural hair and more African features to do so.

Thank goodness for A.Keys and J.Hud for making real music, being humble, and not having two identities to be successful. Sorry Beyonce's new album stinks worse than baby diapers. I guess one man's garbage is another ones gold.


Same thing in Acting. They pick the same boring plain looking LIGHT actress(Halle Berry) to play a Black role in every movie because she's light. Halle Berry can't act that well and she's nothing special in looks.

Update 2:


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India Arie-Video a great song


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Beyonce-Single Ladies-fake and stupid song


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Beyonce-Diva- a stupid and egotistical song.

Update 3:

Bob b I don't hate light skinned people. I mentioned Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, and Erykah Babu as my favorite singers and they are all light

Update 4:

I love Heather!!! I also like these British soul singers like Amy Winehouse, Adele, Duffy, and Estelle. They are killing it.

Update 5:

Dathip-Thanx for the link, I wish the Fugees were back together again.

Update 6:

Faith- I'm saying if Beyonce was dark no one would be holding her on a pedastal. I repeat no one. The problem is that dark skinned women in the industry are getting crizticed for not looking like her. Like Estelle and Jasmine Sullivan, I looked on some of the gossip websites and I see a lot of people calling her ugly just because she's dark. It's funny, Keisha Cole is a plain looking light skin chick and dudes are sweating her like shes sexy and she's not. The lighter you are in the industry the more status you are given that's a fact. All of the Black actresses are lighting their skin and stuff. It makes me mad when I look at the TV there are less women who look like me and more women of my race who look white.

Update 7:

the official anti-christ-Black men aren't judged as harshly when it comes to skin color. There are tons are dark skinned male singers/Rappers like Usher, Lil Wayne, T-pain, The Dream who have tons of females idolizing them.

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    1 decade ago
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    I agree with you, but I don't know. A lot of these new girls can't even hold a note, but they can dance so I guess that's what makes them "multi-talented".

    I think Heather Headley and Chrisete Michele are talented also, but they don't get respect either.

    Edit: "Bob", if she disliked light skinned people, why would she list Alicia Keyes as one of the talented people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its because to white america, theyre marketable

    It all comes down to dollar signs. Alicia Keys is VERY real and VERY talented but she aint marketable as a pop singer unless they dumb her down and make her shake her @ss more because that's what sells in america. We live in a society that's ANTI-INTELECTUAL. Whenever someone has somethin important to say nobody listens because ignorant people dont wanna hear it...they hate thinkin for themselves.

    as for the acting ting....i sense just a lil bit of bitterness lol.

    Halle is actually a pretty good actor, i aint gonna lie, and she IS beautiful. But you're right that only light actresses get any screentime, for the same reason. Society is biased towards a eurocentric school of thought and that affects perception of beauty as well. Thats's why we've never had a darkskinned miss america. Thats why we have almost NO darkskinned beauty queens at all. Thats why we study european history up the @ss but dont know sh*t about africa at all.

    i'm just gonna put out there that i think Chrisette Michelle has a better voice than Beyoncé

  • OGUN
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    1 decade ago

    Broaden your scope of music sister and don't rely on the radio to play the music you want to hear. The typical R&B radio station plays top 40 R&B and with a sprinkling of Classic Soul. Listen to online radio stations. I have a good variety on live.365.com.. Check out artists like Ledisi, Liz Wright and Jasmine Sullivan among others. Vivian Green has some nice stuff and so does Floetry. Sister they are out there. The are just not in heavy rotation so you have to look.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yea that's nice

    but Jill Scott and Erykah Badu aren't light skinned

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  • Belle
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    1 decade ago

    first of all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    second of all, the people that listen to beyonce are either young or just like to look. as sad as it is, her career is based on sex.

    i'm dark skinned, but i have to say that you don't have to be dark skinned to be talented. there are some light skinned women who can sing; i used to love to listen to lynette hawkins from the hawkins family sing and she's light skinned. blu cantrell is also. there are also dark skinned females that are beautiful and can sing very well, you just have to go outside of the box to find them. they are not on the radio on heavy rotation like the rest, sometimes you have to look deeper. for instance, ledisi, she's a great singer, she's dark, but she's not on heavy heavy rotation. you have to go outside to hear her.

    i've never heard people calling jasmine sullivan ugly because she's dark. erykah badu isn't light. aren't you going against your point a bit when you mention amy winehouse? she's white.

    men in general aren't criticized as harshly as women. you know why? because it's a man's world. that's the truth; james brown said it.

    there are plenty of dark skinned females that made it. look at my favorite singer, gladys knight. she was dark skinned with big lips. even though she had big lips she still sang her butt off and kept strutting her stuff, even if diana ross was considered better looking. patti labelle, even though i don't like her very much, she kept doing her thing too. you can use dark skinned as a hold back only a few times, but not all the time. sure, these were different times, but even then light skinned women were held on pedestals. skin color only matters through video. not through the music at all times. if you look beyond the skin color and just listen to the singing, things would get better. black people are the main ones that criticize skin color. that's probably our biggest problem. we care TOO MUCH about skin color. you can blame it on willie lynch if you want, and yes that was the start of it, but you don't HAVE to buy into it.

    edit @ choc1: yes i mentioned that, but she makes it seem like because of light skinned women dark skinned women can't do anything at all. i'm just saying that dark skinned women shouldn't let their skin color hold them back. just because we're not beautiful to the media doesn't mean we still can't progress and try. that was the point i was trying to make.

  • Lola
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    1 decade ago

    i know what you mean, i was listening to erykah badu on & on, was on the radio and straight after beyonce diva came on lmao

    but to be honest i think its because, in dreamgirls the part where jamie foxx was like the girls had to make sure they got themselves into the pop charts to sell, this is what singers like rhianna and beyonce are doing

    and your right i hate rhianna, after i saw the video for disturbia i actually got freaked out, and now she's gone all weird, personally i like beyonce but that song video phone goes against everything how she said she was so holy, church goer, good girl etc..

    we need people like erykah badu to come back to show we don't need a weave to be beautiful


    not a youtube link sorryy

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't like to listen to Beyonce I just like to look. Jill Scott is extremely talented, but she does completely different music than Bey. There's more of a market for Bey's music than there is Jill.

    Source(s): Billboard
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm sorry but people wouldn't tear Beyonce down if she wasn't this big a star. Also just because she was lead singer of Destiny Child wasn't her fault that her father fired the other 2 girls. Beyonce dances, so what, is that worse than Halle Berry getting boned and winning an Oscar for it? Is Beyonce having affairs exploited, appearing in rap videos half naked, and sleeping with different celebrities that we know of? So what she is light skin, people don't have to keep praising dark skin people to make them feel good. Like many people here, crying about "Why don't people like dark skin?" when it's more of an issue with blacks themselves and not other races. Yes Alicia Keys has good music, Jennifer Hudson too, but maybe everyone isn't into slow ballads all the time. Many people like Beyonce and Rihanna's catchy music and many mimic Beyonce's dancing, you know like they use to with Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. I wish people would stop beating this woman down for no reason. And Rihanna is young, many like Christina Aguilera, Pink went though the identity crisis moment when they first entered the business. Notice the change with Christina Aguilera?

    Edit: And those gossip sites have to do with how famous celebrities are? I bet many of those people dissing dark skin black entertainers are black themselves. That whole colorism issue comes from many black people even dark skin black people. How would you know if black celebrities are lightening their skin? Can't some one say that about Gabrielle Union? Or Iman? They both look lighter on camera, no different than Beyonce or Rihanna. I really don't think skin color is an entertainment issue opposed to people of the common world who make it an issue.

    And I don't care where these thumbs down came from but many of these people yapping right now know Beyonce isn't this disgrace of a person let alone black person as people make her out to be.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow, why do you hate light skinned people so much?

    There are examples of dumb people who shouldn't be rich and famous in every skin color. It has to do with what the radio plays, most people don't want to listen to real music, they like stupid songs like "Single Ladies" (one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard), but that applies to all music genres not just R&B.

    Edit: Since when were Jill Scott or Erkayh light skinned? It has nothing to do with being light skin or dark skinned, look at Meagan Good, she is dark skinned and can't act worth crap , yet she is still in movies? Why because she is hott. You even said it yourself you are just angry that nobody on tv looks like you. Hell, in that case I should be angry all the time. Stop getting bent out of shape over mainstream media, it is not exactly the place where they have good values. They are very shallow.

  • Choc1
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you. Sadly, looks play a lot in everything. I grew up on these sistas here....


    Youtube thumbnail


    edit: Raddy W (below) Macy Gray CANNOT sing.

    edit: @ Belle, you brought up Gladys Knight, but obviously she's talking about today's society. In Gladys' days, everything was about talent, not so much image.

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