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How do you translate this phrase into Swedish?

"This is not a chair."

Is "Den här er inte en smula stol" correct? What about "Detta är inte en stol"?

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    Hello Jenny! You almost got it right!

    However: Stolen = Den, so: The article is = "En"

    "Den här är inte en stol"

    "Smula" means "a crumb" or a "small or tiny bit" of something.

    "There was only "en smula" bread left after the meal.

    So, it really does not fit with "stol" unless you are looking for a colloquial expression.

    Is so, then "En smula" can be idiomatic for "nothing like" or "not at all like" or "only a very little bit like".

    Good luck with your translation,

    JohnW - In the Far North - Brrrrrrrrrrrr

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    That thing with a "smula" you must forget. It's all weird.

    I think your second proposal is a good one.

    "Den här är inte en stol", from another answerer here, I think is wrong- it should be "Det här är inte en stol". But again, I think your own proposal works.

    Notice I am a Norwegian. Swedish is a foreign language to me, and I can be wrong, but I'm really good at it ;-)


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    "Detta är inte en stol."


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    i might say this sounds greater organic: "Hej! Hur mår du? Vi saknar dig verkligen! Hoppas du har det bra där borta och att vädret är fint. Vi väntar på dig och hoppas att du kommer tillbaka utan några problem. Puss"

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