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What is a good degree to become an officer in the Coast guard?

I am working on a criminal justice degree, I know there are other factors but iwas wondering if i joined with the degree or finished after join can i become an officer with a degree in criminal justice?

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    Whichever major interests you the most is a good degree. Having good grades is more important. You might find it difficult to study and your grades will suffer if you choose criminal justice, naval engineering, environmental science, environmental engineering, computer science or information systems and you're not interested in their respective classes. Whatever your major is, USCG will send you to short-term schools to provide needed education so you can complete your job in the aviation, marine safety, engineering or electronics fields, engineering officer, executive officer, commanding officer, etc. There's a lot more to USCG than doing police work -- chasing and prosecuting pirates/drug runners/oil spillers, There's a few majors USCG needs for their direct commission program.

    USCG doesn't require a specific major on the officer candidate school application. They don't require a completion of a bachelor or associate degree. A successful applicant must have completed at least 60 hours of classes from an accredited college or university.

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    You can always enlist first then go to OCS. A criminal justics degree should be good enough to get you into OCS. I also believe you need a 3.0 GPA.

    Source(s): USCG Petty Officer
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    That would seem to be a good degree of the CG. Engineering as well. I don't know how the CG brings in officers other than through the CGA.

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