Know anything about GSN game show Bingo America?

So I decided to give in a watch this show - Bingo America - on Game show network. It is where you print off bingo cards at home and on TV they call the numbers. If you win, you get online and type in redemption codes found at the bottom of each card to claim your money. Well its my 1st time and I didn;t know what I was really doing but I won twice. Only problem is... my crappy ink is running out on my computer so I can't make out the redemption codes.

Has anyone played before? Does anyone know if there is a way to access these off the website by signing in? I was hoping there was maybe a card history or something. Or better yet is there a way to have my printer reprint the cards if I don't directly have access to them online anymore?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What I do is push the "Print my cards" button, then when the Printer Settings window pops up, I click "Preview before printing". Then I just take a screengrab (Shift + Prt Scr) of the bingo card, save it, and repeat. No ink wasted.

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