What channels should I be getting once I've set up my digital Converter box and antenna, in San Antonio TX?

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    Your antenna should be aimed toward Elmendorf (the southeast corner of town) for most stations. 35 and 26 will be toward the northeast.

    60.1 KVDA Telemundo

    41.1 KWEX Univision

    41.2 KNIC Telefutura

    35.1 KMYS MyNetwork

    29.1 KABB Fox

    23.1 KCHE

    23.2 KCHE Church Channel

    23.3 KCHE JCTV

    23.4 KCHE Elance TBN

    23.5 KCHE E/I

    12.1 KSAT ABC

    12.2 KSAT LATN

    12.3 - currently blank

    9.1 KLRN PBS

    9.2 KLRN

    9.3 KLRN

    9.4 KLRN Create

    5.1 KENS CBS

    4.1 WOAI NBC

    4.2 WOAI MX

    4.3 - currently blank

    Note that KPXL 26 (Ion) does not have a digital signal on the air at present because they will be using the same channel for their digital. When they turn off the analog, they will immediately turn on the digital. This is called a "flash cut".

    ALSO, rescan your set after the analog stations shut down, there will be moves by pretty much everyone except 60, 35 and 29.

    KENS will probably add back some sub-channels after the analog shutdown.

    I hope this helps!

    Source(s): Broadcast Engineer for 30 years (20 years in San Antonio)
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