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What is with Hamas and Israel?

What are some things hamas has accused israel of over the years?

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    Are Palestinians the first refugee population in history? Hardly. But they are surely the first refugees who, as a group, have categorically RESISTED RESETTLEMENT, instead living for decades as wards of the international community. Indeed, in Gaza today, years after Israel renounced any territorial claims, there continue to be refugee camps. Why? Why -- other than to serve as incubators for hatred that produce recruits bent on martyrdom and mayhem -- are there Palestinian refugee camps in Palestinian territory?

    The trust deficit is exacerbated by the fact that after Israel quit the Gaza Strip in 2005, Palestinians, instead of building Singapore there, built Somalia and focused not on how to make microchips, but on how to make rockets to hit Israel. Thomas Friedman

    The difference between Israel and the terrorists is clear: Israelis endanger themselves to protect their civilians. Terrorists endanger their own civilians to protect themselves. Where alone in the Middle East is there an Arab middle class of sorts? Where do Arabs have good schools? And where is there adequate medical care? -- Ask the over one million Palestinians who live in a democratic Israel.

    If a visitor from a faraway galaxy were to land at an American or Canadian university and peruse some of the petitions that were circulating around the campus, he would probably come away with the conclusion that the Earth is a peaceful and fair planet with only one villainous nation determined to destroy the peace and to violate human rights. That nation would not be Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Russia, or Iran ... It would be Israel.

    - Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School


    Many liberals see Israel as blocking the aspirations of the oppressed--who, they have decided, include the Palestinians. Never mind that the Palestinians support suicide bombers and rocket attacks against Israel; never mind that the Palestinians cannot form a competent government; never mind that they wish to occupy Israel "from the sea to the river." It is enough that they seem oppressed, even though much of the oppression is self-inflicted.,pubID.2...


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    What´s this bullcrap about the "palestinian refugees"?What Israel has to do with the problem of arab refugees who were so scared that Israelis will make them pay for their crimes during the Israeli Independance war in 1948 that they ran away from Israel with all their wives,cildren and camels?And why should Isrel help its enemies -arabs -when other arabs refuse to help them and hold them in refugee camps like rats?

    "For the last 56 years Israel conducts collective punishment and state terror against the Palestinian Refugees"

    No,you are positively insane.The refugee camps are situated in Lebanon,Iraq,Syria.How can Israel "terrorize" them there "for 64 years?

    Go take a cold shower-and then come back.

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    Hamas is notorious for accusing Israel of killing civilians when they stage it thru various propaganda campaigns. The public euphemistically calls Hamas news sources Pallywood.

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    i don't know, but Israel is wiping the floor with Hamas aright now as we type these senseless Questions and Answers

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    Well, Israel has treated Palestinians inhumanely.

    Even before all this rocket firing stuff, and when Israel broke the cease-fire first.

    1) Israel occupied AND oppressed Palestine.

    2) Israel has recently been blockading Gaza for over 2 weeks.

    People there are starving and thirsty.

    3) Israel is stating lies about only trying to kill civilians.

    4) Over 1,000 have died, and over 4,000 injured.

    5) Israel has Illegally used White phosphorus bombs over Palsetinians Civilians (Wish melts your flesh to the bones)

    Palestinians are only trying to resist the oppressor and are trying to get their country back.

    Israel mercilessly invaded their country. And Palestinians are oppressed and have the right to resist and fight back for the land that belonged t0 them!

    Source(s): Watch like two minutes of the first one. Ever hear of their "Break the bones" strategy? Also, this was from yesterday's phosphorus bombs. click on Israeli forces moving deeper 1:41 on this :
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    For the last 56 years the Palestinian Refugees are living in a United Nation Refugee Camps waiting for UN to implement the UN Security Council resolutions. For the last 56 years Israel conducts collective punishment and state terror against the Palestinian Refugees.

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    In Memory of the Victims of Palestinian Violence and Terrorism in Israel

    And this:

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    Dan, it is not Hamas alone, it is all Palestinians.... They have done alot and ,,,,,,,, this

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    umm... being Jews is the big one... palestinian extremists don't really need any better reason than that.

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