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What kind of weapons did Sadam Huessien use to kill thousands and thousands of innocent kurds?

In all reality haven't we rescued more Iraqis than we have killed when you think about the long run?

And when Clinton signed the Iraqi liberation act wasn't that the liberal way of recognizing Sadam was a threat with WMD development?


Truth seeker if you can give me a link I will give you 10 points. Or anyone for that matter.

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    About 50,0000 Kurds were killed by Saddam Hussein in the Al-Anfal Campaign. Some estimate the total to be almost 100,000 but there's no official statistic, but it was certainly between 50,000 - 100,000.

    Another 7000 + killed in the Halabja poison gas attack.

    Another 200,000 + Kurds and Shi'ites were killed by Saddam after the Gulf war.

    So the total is probably around 300,000 - 400,000. Probably almost one million including those who were executed for other reasons.

    You can read more about what happened to the Kurds here:

    Iraq war casualities

    US Soldiers: 4226

    Iraqi citizens: 1,307,319 - about the same population of Dallas, Texas.

    There has also been 178 British soldiers killed and over 50 + soldiers from other countries that have helped or contributed to the war in Iraq.

    So really, we haven't saved anymore. It's about the same. Either way, it's still humans being killed. It doesn't matter how a human is killed ... if someone is killed, they're killed, and it's not a good thing regardless of how they were killed.

    You'll probably disagree with me anyways simply because I'm a liberal, but the facts are all right there for you. View the links below for the statistics.

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    There is much debate about the details of the gassing of Kurds in Halabja. Was it done by Iraq? By Iran? Most accounts seem to believe both sides used gas (acquired by European and US sources) during a battle over the city of Halabja which had recently fallen into Iranian control (the Kurds were backing Iran in the Iran/Iraq war). Most intelligence agencies believe the gas was launch by Iraq but intended for Iranian troops. The civilians killed by the gas was collateral damage.

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    Saddam Hussein did use WMDs (specifically the ones we gave him), but WMDs he had before the first war in Iraq. He got rid of them because he had to, knowing we'd go kick his *ss if he didn't.

    At the time of the second Iraq War, there were no WMDs anymore. He had gotten rid of them. And we had been told that by a number of intelligence agencies around the world, and even the CIA.

    The ONLY group to say there MIGHT be WMDs was a group within the CIA working with a man named Ahmed Chalabi. Problem is, Ahmed Chalabi was a known liar and con artist.

    He had screwed us a couple of times before. He had also screwed the British, the French, the Israelis, the Egyptians, the Saudi Arabians, the Iranians, and even the Iraqi government itself. In fact, that is why he defected to us; because Saddam Hussein was coming to kick his *ss for lying to Hussein's intelligence agency.

    If Bush had maintained even an ounce of objectivity, he would never have gone into Iraq on the grounds that they had WMDs. But he wanted so badly to go, he allowed this known con artist to bullsh*t him; and then Bush used that very same bullsh*t on us.

    And for the record, In the first four years of the war, we surpassed the number of Iraqis killed than Saddam Hussein managed in the entire 25 years he was in charge in Iraq. That was two years ago. So no, in all reality we have not rescued more Iraqis than we have killed.

    That is made all the more true when one realizes that we are the ones who put Saddam Hussein in charge, and gave him his weapons of mass destruction so that he could fight off the Soviets.

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    Metal Mike:

    The first thing that Saddam Hussein did when he went into power was have people killed, on the spot, for disagreeing with him. There were children being lined up around his mansion/whathaveyou and being blown up. Thousands of people were being put into gas chambers, raped, terrorized, slaughtered, tortured, among many other things--for almost 30 years.

    Iraq was a "stable country"? You've got to be out of your damn mind. Life under Saddam Hussein was hell, this is common knowledge.

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    I believe it was some type of Mustard Gas used to kill the Kurds.

    The army has actually found thousands of warheads burred in the desert. The kinds used to deliver WMD. It is just too bad that the media won't report these facts.

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    I think that sadam killed most of his innocent kurds with gas....

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    he used chemical weapons from europe among others and he used coordinates fed to him by CIA spy satellites. Fact is no one cared about the kurds, they were supporting Iran and for that the world supported saddam in killing them. You'll have to turn off fox news and read some real history if you ever want the truth.

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    but all those deaths are linked to the US aswell. they sold weapons and gave saddam their full support. why didnt the US invade after these attrocites instead of waiting untill there was a supposed threat to the US?

  • Sarin nerve gas.

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    We've killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqies, made millions more of them into refugees moving to Jordan, Syria, Iran and Lebanon and completely bombed them into the stone age when in fact they were one of the most advanced country's in the middle east in terms of women's rights, minority rights and as a social and economic system. We did them no favors when it comes down to it. So, no, I don't agree with your statement at all. And, In the 1980's America gave Saddam those weapons, through europe, to kill Kurds and Iranians during their war. Clinton was no liberal. Fact.


    Iraqies killed:

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