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How common is it for wealthy liberals to voluntarily pay more in taxes than is required of them?


K'lee, you reveal your own ignorance.

Update 2:

How would you know what I don't know about taxation?

Update 3:

Liberals, why dish out the knee-jerk defensiveness, when you can just answer the question...

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    Great question!!

    When Mike Huckabee was governor or Arkansas, he implemented the "Tax Me More" option on the Arkansas state income tax forms. The way it worked is, if you wanted to, you could write in an additional amount of tax that you wanted to pay above and beyond whatever you were legally required to pay.

    The state collected a grand total of $1,200 of additional tax...

    ... and $1,000 of that was from a very liberal state legislator who was always clammoring for higher taxes on rich people.

    So really, the state collected $200 of voluntary additional taxes.

    Also, Massachusetts has an option where you can voluntarily choose to be taxed at a higher rate. Needless to say John Kerry did NOT choose this option we later found out.

    Can you say LIBERAL HYPOCRASY!!!???!!!???

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    I'm pretty sure, that when they tax the wealthy, they are taxing themselves as well, regardless of what delusional right-wingers claim that the taxes are coming from everyone but them.

    according to Warren Buffet, he pays less than his employees that make far less. Maybe he has a better accountant than everyone who is constantly crying and will be constantly crying even if they had to pay nothing.

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    Simple just make a donation to the united states treasury. This forum paints liberals as scum! But that is only a opinion from a group that just wants to be in a click.

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    No one pays more taxes than they owe. Liberals may support higher taxes, and they're also willing to actually pay those taxes. People who say that liberals only want to spend other people's money aren't smart enough to participate in the discussion - liberals live in this country too, and any tax policies they propose would therefore also affect them.

    Based on your question, I'd say you don't really understand the issue.

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    Most wealthy conservatives give to charity too, by the way. Although the more taxes assessed to the wealthy on either side, the less they will give to charity, and those groups (many run by liberal 'save the planet' types) lose out in the end. It's actually a bit funny if you think about it!

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    Nobody pays more taxes than what they're told to pay. You obviously don't understand how taxation works. Wealthy liberals are willing to pay higher taxes over what they already pay and most wealthy liberals donate to charity and organizations that support intelligent causes such as helping provide health care to people who can't afford it or environmental causes.

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    not common at all and they also do not give a high amount to charity, especially charities that help the poor- donate another dollar to that fricken university library or art show- that sure helps people get out of poverty and achieve success for themselves. Liberals are usually stingy with their own money and generous with everyone elses.

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    They don't pay more in taxes, but they contribute money to causes and programs they believe in like ones that provide food and health care services to the poor.

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    It's about as common as conservative Republican politicians who are gung-ho about Americans other than themselves going to war volunteering to go THEMSELVES or to encourage THEIR OWN CHILDREN to go!

    See how many of them are exactly like George W. Bush (who managed nicely to avoid Vietnam), and like all his brothers and sisters, NONE of whose children have put their bumbies on the line in the armed services : .

  • About as common as it is for wealth conservatives to enlist in the US military and go fight in a war. In other words, it seldom happens.

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